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  26 Day and night , Ants IPO The issue price is finally set at 68.8 element , The total market value reached 2.1
Trillion yuan , This is the result of inquiry for nearly 10000 institutional accounts . And because the application is too hot , Ant group H International placement of shares , Even two days ahead of schedule . yesterday , An article 《 Who is sharing the feast of ants 》 On the screen . The value of this car
Trillions of wealth train , Carrying a lot of people's dreams , It has also become the envy of migrant workers . however , Some passengers left early , Some of them only buy standing tickets , No chance to share huge wealth . Qian Bao interviewed several former ant employees , Listen to their views on the ant market .

   Someone built a group all night

   Group name “ Missing tens of millions of people ”

   Banchuan ( Pseudonym ) Know the final price of ants 68.8 Meta message , It's Li Li ( Pseudonym )26 On the evening of June 7
Call him at half past . at that time , He's also jogging on the treadmill in the gym . Hear the news , He immediately sat down on the wooden bench on the edge , Start calling a few friends to confirm . Li Li was a subordinate of banchuan in ants before , Now it's worth over 10 million .

   Banchuan chats with ant's former colleague Jianqun , Talking about the years of struggle , Chatting to sleep in the rental house has been removed , Everyone pulled in a few friends , For a while , There were seventeen or eighteen people in the group , They're all former ant men . There are more people , Always give the group a name , All together , Just call “ Missing tens of millions of people ”, Everyone, I'll talk to you , Talking late into the night , Group name changed to “ Lost money alliance ”.

  “ Missing tens of millions of people ” In the group , Everyone reported their own “ Wealth of dreams ”, There are plenty of them 1400 Over ten thousand , There are plenty of them 3000 Over ten thousand , The most close 9 digit .

   In the ant group , Pay is a sensitive topic , Only you know the income , Even students in the same office , Income will also vary a lot .P7
When more than one employee is employed , The HR Manager in charge of recruitment will discuss a lump sum price with the new employee , Including wages and options . And options are basically divided 4 All the year round , Take it every year 25%.4
Years later , If qualified , A new round of equity incentive is coming again . In addition, every year 3 There will be additional performance bonus options at the end of the month , annually 7
There will also be promotion incentive options in January . But the promotion quota is limited , Unless you do it really well , It's in the Department 10%
Location of .“ It's like a running rabbit with a carrot in front of it , You run like hell , Carrots always attract you , Once you stop , Then the carrot disappears .” Banchuan said .

   these ones here “ Missing tens of millions of people ”, It's all the people who stopped on the way . from 2004 Year to date ,16
Years , How many ant employees have become former ant people , There is no public data , Ant group's prospectus shows that , As of this year 6 Still at the end of the month 16660 Employees . Even according to the annual 10% The turnover rate of , this
16 Year down , The number of employees leaving the company is also more than 1000 .

  “ In fact, I don't regret my choice , Money beyond cognition , It doesn't belong to me .” Banchuan told reporters , There were various factors in his departure , I think the opportunity outside is better , From the bottom of my heart , He was still grateful for the ants , I keep in touch with many ant students .

   How to get ant's option

   Listen to them

   of course , These options are not for nothing , There is an award price , If you leave early , It will be recovered according to the company's current equity benchmark price , Part of the price difference , After tax deduction , Make it up to you . When he left , Compensation spread per share 30
multivariate , Take it 100 More than ten thousand yuan . If you put it now , The equity value of this part 1400 More than ten thousand yuan . because 1 Shares of Ali's internal shares are equivalent to A Stock 5.53 thigh , according to A thigh 68.8
The issue price of yuan , Ant internal shares up to 380 element / thigh .

  “ Ant shares are split almost every few years , I remember that one year it was a demolition of three , How many times have they been demolished , It is estimated that only the financial department of the company will know , Share prices are also rising .” Insiders said , stay “ Missing tens of millions of people ” In the group , The earliest option grant price was
6 element / thigh , When someone leaves , What's the recovery price of ants' internal shares 20 element , There are plenty of them 98 element , yes , we have 189 element ,6 The price of the month is 198 element .2015 year 7
month , Ants A Valuation over 450 USD100mn ; this IPO, The market value of ants has reached about 3185 USD100mn ,5 Ant valuation rises 7 Times more .

  “ Missing tens of millions of people ” Group chat to the end , The consensus is that : Or join in 29 Let's go to Japan's ants .

   But can we hit ant new shares , Now it's hard to say , Because ant group is in H International placement of shares ,3 Hour subscription 1000 USD100mn , Comparable to the global investment community “ Double Eleven ”.

   According to the ant employee incentive plan 1377 RMB100mn , Calculate the per capita incentive of ant employees 827 Ten thousand yuan , You can buy one in Hangzhou 283
Fang's big house . Alipay administrative micro blog response : I don't have a million dollars , I can't afford it 283 Square house . But it doesn't mean there won't be one in the future , There are still dreams , I will cheer up !

   by 827
Wan bought the house next to ants , This dream is not very realistic . Because after the ant group captured the Zhijiang plot , Around the second-hand housing prices have soared , Individual housing prices have risen by more than 1 million . Now the average price of the second-hand housing of the plate is per square meter 5
ten thousand ~6 Ten thousand yuan ,827 The price of ten thousand can only be bought 150 Three rooms and two halls , Think about it 283 Fang's big house , That needs to be done 1500 ten thousand .

   Even if it's a passer-by of ants

   At least I know the meaning of struggle

   Like many technology companies , Ant shares are getting smaller and smaller , The threshold is getting higher and higher . This is not good news for many new recruits .“ I did the math , Four year options , It's equivalent to one more year-end bonus every year .” Such as wisdom ( Pseudonym ) It's a newcomer this year , A lot of people in his group , Not even equity , Living on wages .“ per capita
827 ten thousand , It doesn't make any sense , Because the average is always the majority .” Such as wisdom , He also believes that there is always a reward for struggle , In a good platform , Make good achievements , To live up to our youth .

   According to the article ,2013 Alipay entry P7 staff , The incentive value of the entry part exceeds 4000 Ten thousand yuan , After adding performance award , His fortune may have been over 100 million .“ It's the same as the Internet , Less than monthly income
10 ten thousand , Graduated from the north of Qing Dynasty , I can't say I've been on the Internet .” Banchuan said ,P7 It's not worth more than 100 million , Because he was P7, The entry time is still before that .

   however , Students of the early ants , Achieving financial freedom , It's a big probability thing . Wu Hai works in an institution , The wife of one of his former colleagues was Alipay's early start-up staff .“ More than ten years ago , Naked marriage , Not even a house or a car , Or are women chasing him , It really changed year by year , vehicle , Don't talk about the house , Worth more than
9 Number of digits .” Wu Hai said , The former colleague later resigned , Focus on B & B , Back to Europe , Japan buys land and builds its own B & B , The sea view room in the Mediterranean .

   Unfortunately, the former ant man who resigned this year , And they didn't enjoy the feast of ants coming into the market . After Ali's financial report is published every year , Headhunters are always looking at the Ali system “ Collecting wool ”, Headlines , Pinduoduo , Meituan and other companies , I like Ali people who are mature and full of wolf , All offers are for a raise
50% rise , Some also have equity .“ at that time HR Try to keep us , I'm still going , Because you have the payroll , The other side doubles directly .” An employee who has joined the new company told reporters , Ant career for him
offer A lot of extra points , He was also very grateful for the cultivation of ants .

   Internet technology circle in Hangzhou , Many new companies founded by former ant people are active , Some have even grown into unicorns and quasi unicorns , The valuation has already exceeded 100 million . Helen ( Pseudonym ) The company we founded was ants Z In the office building near the space , Sometimes I go back to eat with my former colleagues .“ Really happy for them , The dream came true , And, by the way, freedom of wealth .” Helen said , Ant is essentially a service-oriented technology company , And I learned a lot from ants , Today's companies also have flower names , It is also flat management , Even the decoration of cubicles and bathrooms also refer to ants .

   Former colleagues sometimes joke , If Helen doesn't leave , Now it's worth more than 100 million yuan .“ People always have dreams , I felt that the air vent had blown up , I'm not going to try , Will regret life .” Helen said , He left to start his own business , It's like taking the ant's fire further away , Gathering is a fire , Scattered all over the sky , Success or failure of entrepreneurship , Never know how deep the water is if you don't try .

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   Ants listed per capita one suite ? Alipay editor : No, but I will try !

  10 month 26 day , Ant group IPO Preliminary inquiry completed , Determine the final share 68.8 element . Media estimates , According to linker data , Each ant employee can buy one in Hangzhou 283
A square meter house . In this regard , Alipay official Xiaobian positive response : I don't have a million dollars , I can't afford it 283 A square meter house . But it doesn't mean there won't be one in the future , There are still dreams , I will cheer up !

   it is reported , from 7
The internal mail of ant group announced that it was preparing for A Shares and Hong Kong shares listed simultaneously , About the ant employees, thousands of rich people have been heard one after another . among , On that day, there was a rumor that the ant staff cheered the whole floor , It was confirmed that Ma Yun came to the ant office building that day , The staff are welcoming Ma Yun . To this day , There's another one on the Internet
7 Alipay hired a year ago. P7 Over 100 million yuan .( Peng Lihui )

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