Choose to leave home and work abroad , What professional technology is more promising ? In fact, everyone has his own dream , They all have their own way of life , Besides, I don't have much land at home , So it's not easy to depend on the weather , You have to go out to work to maintain the status quo , Work once a year , How long will it last ?

In recent years , Jobs are getting harder and harder to find . Looking for a job , Most of them have less money and more work and are far away from home , And the standard of living in big cities is so high . If the salary is within 3k reach 4k About RMB , Just feed yourself , It's hard , Let alone save money . So learning a skill is king's way , otherwise , I always work like this , When is the beginning .

This is the age of information technology ,IT There is a great shortage of technical talents , according to the understanding of , Now? IT Network engineer in the industry , Software engineers and other positions are very popular , A person without any work experience has the least starting salary 5000-6000. This salary is much higher than that of other traditional industries . therefore , Don't worry about learning IT Technology has no future , As long as you can choose a good major to learn skills , Getting a high salary is not a problem at all .

What we often talk about now is learning it Actually it means learning IT Professional java Software development technology ,Java Engineers have a wide range of employment , As long as it is and Java Language programming related work can be , and Java It is also a language with a wide range of applications, such as the development of websites , mobile game : Like eating chicken , Glory of Kings , Jump jump games , mobile phone APP; Rumei group , Didi taxi and other software application development process , All through java Developed by programming , therefore Java There are many employment options for engineers .

With the development of technology ,java Software engineers have begun to apply to various industries ,IT Tens of thousands of jobs have been created .Java The average annual salary of an engineer is 15 About ten thousand , Engineer with more than one year working experience , The monthly salary can be basically achieved 1 ten thousand .

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