11 month 5 Day and night , Released by Alibaba Group 2021 Second quarter of fiscal year ( Natural year 7 Month to month 9 month ) achievement , Multi engine driving strong growth , Alibaba cloud's quarterly revenue 149
RMB100mn , Year on year increase of 60%. In global cloud computing 3A In the camp , Alibaba cloud grows to Amazon cloud 29% Growing 2 times , And lead Microsoft by a large margin Azure Of 48%.

   According to the financial report , Alibaba cloud's strong growth is mainly due to providing more complete digital transformation technology and services for all walks of life , Especially on the Internet , finance , Retail and other industries showed rapid growth . among , about 60%
Of A Listed companies use Alibaba cloud technology and services . Public information display , During the quarter , Industrial and Commercial Bank of China , FAW Group , Xinhua Insurance , Feihe group and others have reached important cooperation with Alibaba cloud .

   stay 9 At the cloud habitat conference held at the end of the month , Alibaba cloud announces its entry 2.0 times , On the platform of Feitian cloud , Building a digital native operating system , It's like being a person PC Graphical interface Windows
system , Changing the way people interact with cloud computing , Promote cloud computing to more enterprises and more people .

   among ,“ Cloud nail integration ” Strategy will make enterprise application development simple , Companies don't understand the code , You can use drag and drop on the nail to build the application , Speed up innovation efficiency . meanwhile ,“ Cloud integration ” Strategic push to the cloud , Let all things have power of calculation . Yunqi Conference , Alibaba released the first cloud computer shadowless and the first logistics robot little mandonkey , Bring cloud change to the terminal .  Market data show , The past year , Alibaba cloud ranks first in Asia Pacific market , Market share rose sharply , Close to the sum of Amazon and Microsoft . in addition , In the Chinese market , Alibaba cloud ranks first , The market share rose year on year for many consecutive quarters , Reflecting strong growth above the market .

   Analysis shows that , Alibaba continues to invest in coding technology , Not only promote their own efficiency and evolution , It also provides continuous power for Alibaba cloud , Acting in and out is different from Amazon , Microsoft's cloud computing form , Open up more market space . On the recent investor day , Alibaba
CFO Wu Wei said , In recent years , Ali's investment in technology and R & D exceeds RMB every year 1000 RMB100mn .

   Public information display , Alibaba cloud has deployed hundreds of cloud data centers around the world , Self developed flying operating system manages millions of servers , It is the first in Asia Pacific , Top three cloud service providers in the world . this year 4 month , Alibaba cloud announces the future 3
Annual investment 2000 RMB 100 million , Sprint to the world's largest cloud infrastructure .

  2020 year 8 month 20 Market value of Alibaba in Japan 7130 USD100mn , Today's market value 7749 USD100mn :

   Revenue of Alibaba cloud in the first quarter 123.45 RMB100mn , Average daily income 1.34 RMB100mn ; Based on data from the second quarter , Daily income 1.62 RMB100mn .