Why do enterprises and factories do energy management and control system
What is energy management and control system ? What benefits can the construction of energy management and control system bring to enterprises and factories ? What kind of enterprises and factories need to build energy control ? To understand this, let's take a look at the energy management system .

Energy management system is the model of quality management system and environmental management system , Combined with the characteristics and special requirements of energy management , Follow the system management principle , Through the implementation of a set of standards system , To establish an integrity within their organization , effective , A documented management system . Enterprise factory application of energy management system standards , establish , Implement and maintain energy management system , Improve and improve the energy management level of enterprises , Realize energy saving and consumption reduction , Improving energy efficiency .

Nowadays, the energy crisis is becoming more and more serious , Energy shortage has become an important factor of sustainable economic development ; Energy prices continue to rise , This has also become an important factor restricting the development of enterprises . Energy saving and consumption reduction has become an arduous task to be completed .“ the 12th Five-Year Plan ” Energy saving and emission reduction assessment indicators will be more stringent . As the backbone of energy saving and emission reduction and sustainable development , Enterprises need to strengthen sense of urgency and sense of responsibility , Combined with our own reality , Clear the direction of sustainable development , target , Key points and measures . Energy saving management has a huge space . Energy management and control system plus ruiecjo The development and application of energy-saving technology and equipment is only one aspect of energy-saving work , Simply relying on energy-saving technology can not completely solve the problem of energy supply and demand . Application of system management method to reduce energy consumption , Improving energy efficiency , Promoting behavioral energy conservation , The construction of energy management system has become the key of energy management .
The necessity of energy control :

1, Policy supervision : The problem of energy consumption is becoming increasingly prominent , How to realize energy cost minimization and energy management in China . to this end , stay “ the 12th Five-Year Plan ” In the first year of the opening year, relevant departments of the state will implement energy conservation and emission reduction targets to regions , By the provinces , city , The local government undertakes the corresponding energy conservation task . The government comes forward to help and urge energy users to save energy and reduce consumption , Combining administrative orders with supporting policies , Encourage energy using units to carry out energy saving transformation .

2, Industry experience : Successful practice of advanced industrial scale enterprises at home and abroad , Use energy management system for energy management , Unified scheduling of energy , Optimizing energy medium balance , Reduce gas emission , Improve the quality of environmental protection , It plays an important role in reducing the comprehensive energy consumption of enterprises and improving labor productivity , And for the energy accident reason fast analysis and the prompt judgment processing , Energy planning , Performance analysis , Quality Assurance , Energy prediction is very effective .
Significance of building energy management and control system in factories and enterprises :
1, Decentralized control and centralized management of energy system
The process and equipment of factories and enterprises are scattered, but the energy management requirements are centralized , Build a set of energy management system which can solve decentralized control and centralized management , It can improve the energy consumption management level and equipment management level of enterprises .
2, Collection of energy consumption information , Administration , analysis , utilize
Energy management system of yuanzhongrui , It can master the operation of the plant equipment in real time , Energy consumption , Through the comparative analysis of energy consumption information , Preventive maintenance can be carried out on the equipment , Ensure the normal operation of production and operation .
3, Reduce energy management , Optimize energy management process , Establishing objective energy consumption evaluation system

On the basis of information analysis, industrial enterprises , Realize the optimization and transformation of energy monitoring and energy management process , At the same time, it realizes paperless equipment management and energy consumption data report statistics , Objective to evaluate the energy consumption level of each department and equipment for the enterprise , Put forward the energy consumption reform plan , It provides scientific and rigorous data support .
4, Reduce the operation and management cost of energy system , Improve labor productivity

The scale of industrial enterprises is relatively large , There are many energy consuming devices , Areas crisscross . Relying on traditional means for transportation inspection , The workload of maintenance management is heavy , High cost . The establishment of energy management system can simplify the energy operation and management , Reduce manpower investment in daily management , Human resource saving , Improve labor productivity .
5, Improve the response speed and ability of equipment fault and exception handling

Operation and maintenance personnel through intelligent devices such as computers , mobile phone ,App, And so on , sure 7*24 Master the operation condition of the system and the abnormal condition of the equipment at any time , In order to take corresponding measures in time , To avoid the impact of economic expansion on production . The use of plant energy management system improves the reliability of energy use in industrial enterprises .
6, Control the energy cost of enterprises , Promoting the sustainable development of enterprises

Through scientific data report and analysis , Ways and methods of optimizing energy management , Improving energy use , Abnormal energy consumption of equipment found , Real time understanding of energy demand and consumption of enterprises , Effectively reduce the waste of invalid energy , Improving energy efficiency , Finally, the controllable management of energy consumption cost of industrial enterprises is realized .

Enterprises use energy management system to collect energy data of energy consuming equipment , handle , analysis , So as to realize the energy plan , Energy performance , Energy balance , Energy forecast , Energy equipment , Energy quality , Production scheduling and other comprehensive monitoring and management analysis .

Energy management system provides scientific and accurate data for enterprises , Help to analyze the energy consumption of various energy media , Managers can optimize the decision-making and scheduling of all kinds of energy more scientifically , Timely understand and master the production of various energy sources , Service and operating conditions , Scientific decision making , Command correctly . Yuanzhongrui's energy management system effectively helps enterprises improve their energy management level , Reduce energy cost of enterprises , Realize lean transformation of energy management .

Data can be realized in the process of enterprise using the energy management and control system of Zhongrui , Intellectualization , automation , To achieve fine control of energy , Optimizing energy consumption structure , Safe energy supply , Reduce energy consumption , Improve energy dispatching capacity , To achieve the goal of sustainable development . Yuanzhongrui intelligent energy management system is to achieve energy saving and emission reduction for enterprises , Reduce energy consumption expenditure , Effective tools for improving energy management level .
Let every enterprise and factory uphold “ environment protection energy conservation Love the earth ” Business mission .