At the company today Demo, Suddenly Weibo and CSDN At the same time came a notice board message —> Huawei officially releases Hongmeng ( be based on Linux development )

Frame diagram :

Hongmeng OS It is a full scene distributed system based on microkernel OS, Microkernel design makes the system natural root jurisdiction , External nuclear services are isolated from each other , There is no unified one “ key ”, Prevent being attacked by the bottom , Improved system security
. Introduction to Yu Chengdong , Hongmeng means to create a new world in Chinese , It's English harmonyOS, It means to bring more harmony and convenience to the world , Hongmeng OS
Will be available on mobile phones , Ready to use . But at present, considering the relationship between the ecological environment and partners , Therefore, Huawei has given priority to its adoption Android system . From Android Ecological migration to Hongmeng
OS, The workload will be very small .(Android Application fully compatible )
Hongmeng system consists of three layers : kernel , Basic services , Procedural framework . It can support the smart screen , Wearable , Turning machine , loudspeaker box , Different devices such as mobile phone proprietary services , Multi platform deployment of one system .
meanwhile , Hongmeng can be realized GB,MB,KB Different memory scale devices from low to high .

Yu Chengdong said , This is the first time distributed architecture has been applied to terminals OS, Users can realize the same account across devices , Cross terminal call . Its distributed architecture includes distributed task scheduling , Distributed data management , Hardware capability virtualization , Distributed soft bus .
Especially the distributed soft bus technology , Let the end-to-end delay of Hongmeng system be less than 20ms, Effective throughput up to 1.2Gbps, The packet loss rate is as high as 25%.
Hongmeng system can be used according to the characteristics of the application , Assign slow lane , fast lane , Super fast lane , Ensure fast and smooth application of different .
On the train OS aspect , Hongmengbi Google Fusion The system has 3-5 Times performance improvement .
meanwhile , In terms of safety , Huawei Hongmeng adopts micro kernel technology , Mathematical methods using formal methods , Effective means of authentication system security from the source —— In the past, the first-class aviation technology was only used in the military field .
Thanks to the ark compiler , Application of Android system development “ Very easy. ” Move to Hongmeng system , Developers only need a day or two .
Hongmeng is really facing the future , face AI, Full scene distributed OS.

before , Bloggers think it's just Android A branch of the system !! It's a brand new one , Independent operating system ( face 5G Development of Internet of things ).

The blogger is Android Developed ,Android The system uses Java Language , It cannot communicate directly with the underlying layer of the system , Can only run on a virtual machine ( It's a middleman ), The virtual machine is then passed on to the underlying machine , The ark compiler solves this problem .

Hongmeng OS It has four technical characteristics :
1. Distributed architecture for terminal for the first time OS, Realize seamless collaborative experience across terminals

Hongmeng OS Of “ Distributed OS framework ” and “ Distributed soft bus technology ” Through public communication platform , Distributed data management , Distributed capability scheduling and four capabilities of virtual peripherals , Shield the application developers from the difficulty of the underlying technology of the corresponding distributed application , Enable developers to focus on their own business logic , Developing cross terminal distributed applications like developing the same terminal , It also enables the final consumers to enjoy the seamless experience brought by the powerful cross terminal business collaboration ability for each use scenario .
2. Deterministic delay engine and high performance IPC Technical implementation system is naturally fluent
OS Through the use of deterministic delay engine and high performance IPC Two technologies to solve the problem of insufficient performance of existing system . The delay engine can assign the priority and time limit of task execution in the system before task execution , Task resources with high priority will have priority in guaranteeing scheduling , Application response delay reduction 25.7%. The compact structure of Hongmeng microkernel makes it possible to IPC( Interprocess communication ) Greatly improved performance , The efficiency of process communication is improved compared with the existing system 5 times .
3. Rebuilding trusted security of terminal devices based on micro kernel architecture

Hongmeng OS New micro kernel design , It has stronger security features and low delay . The basic idea of microkernel design is to simplify the kernel function , Implement system services as much as possible in user mode outside the kernel , At the same time, add mutual security protection . Microkernel only provides the most basic services , Such as multi process scheduling and multi process communication .

Hongmeng OS Applying microkernel technology to trusted execution environment (TEE), Through the formal method , Rebuilding trusted security . The formal method is the use of mathematical methods , Verify that the system is correct from the source , Effective means without loopholes . Traditional verification methods such as functional verification , Simulation attacks can only be verified in a limited number of selected scenarios , The formal method can verify all software running paths through data model .
Hongmeng OS For the first time, the formal method is applied to the terminal TEE, Significantly improve the safety level . At the same time, because of Hongmeng OS The amount of code in the microkernel is only Linux One thousandth of the macro kernel , Its attack probability is also greatly reduced .
4. Unification passed IDE Support primary development , Multi terminal deployment , Realize cross terminal ecological sharing

Hongmeng OS With multi terminal development IDE, Multi language unified compilation , Distributed architecture Kit Provides screen layout controls and interactive auto adaptation , Support control drag and drop , Preview oriented visual programming , So that developers can efficiently build multi terminal automatic operation based on the same project App, Realize real one-time development , Multi terminal deployment , Realize sharing ecology between cross devices . Huawei ark compiler is the first replacement Android Static compiler for virtual machine mode , It can be used by developers to compile high-level language into machine code at one time in the development environment . in addition , The ark compiler will support multi language unified compilation in the future , Can be large
Improve development efficiency .

Hongmeng kernel and OS The evolution roadmap of : Hongmeng will be the first to use Hongmeng in the smart screen products launched this year OS
1.0. The next three years , In addition to improving the relevant technology , Hongmeng OS Will be gradually applied to wearable , Wisdom screen , More intelligent devices such as vehicles and machines .

Hongmeng OS The key to development lies in ecology , The key to ecology lies in application and developer . For the rapid promotion of Hongmeng OS Ecological development , Hongmeng OS Open source to global developers , And promote the establishment of open source foundation , Building an open source community , Work with developers to promote the development of Hongmeng , Some suggestions are put forward for the development of industry or technology .
Application products :
2019 year 8 month 10 day , Glory officially released glory smart screen , Glory and wisdom screen Pro, Equipped with Hongmeng operating system .