Evergrande group 2018 year 9 Monthly shares of China's largest auto dealer group —— GAC group , Become its second largest shareholder . Didn't arrive first , Two years later , Evergrande group has completely withdrawn its capital .

   A few days ago , Guanghui automobile issued a notice saying , Evergrande group will transfer its holding of Guanghui group 40.964% Equity to Shenneng group , Transaction consideration 148.5
RMB100mn . After the transaction is completed , Shenneng group became the second largest shareholder of Guanghui group , Evergrande group no longer holds shares in Guanghui group .

   Guanghui automobile is the largest auto dealer group in China , When purchasing Guanghui group , Evergrande has said that it is mainly to better promote the future development of the enterprise , Carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation with Guanghui group , Promote Evergrande's auto sales , energy , Development of real estate and logistics .

   For this sale , Evergrande said it helped the group focus on its core business , Realize long-term, stable and healthy development . meanwhile , Shenneng group will pay within three working days after the preconditions of the transfer agreement are met or exempted
148.5 Total consideration of 100 million yuan , The amount will be used as the general working capital of Evergrande .

   this year 7 month , Evergrande's listed companies “ Evergrande health ” Renamed as “ Evergrande automobile ”, Realize internal backdoor listing .

   meanwhile , Released in one breath 6 New car , Covered from A reach D All class models , Including cars , Coupe ,SUV,MPV, Subdivision models of passenger cars such as crossover vehicles .

   According to the planning , Hengchi products 2021 Trial production in the first half of , Strive for 2021 Mass production in the second half of .

   Because the new car is not yet on the market , The auto business still needs continuous blood transfusion from Evergrande group . Evergrande group disclosed earlier , It is expected that the total investment will be made for the automobile business 294
RMB100mn , The funds are mainly invested in equity acquisition , Base construction , research and development , Equipment, etc , After the mass production and sales of Hengda automobile , The group will no longer have investment .