today , Yield per mu of the third generation Double Cropping Hybrid Rice 1500 The production test of kg will be launched in Hengnan County, Hunan Province , The examinee is 90 Academician Yuan Longping and his research team . This is why the team of Yuan Longping has repeatedly broken the yield of super rice
700,800,1000,1149 After the world record of kilogram, the yield per mu of double cropping rice was increased again 1500 Kg sprint .

   What is the yield per mu of early rice in double cropping rice 619 kg . , Can the yield of today's late rice be achieved 881 Kilogram is the yield per mu of double cropping rice 1500 The key to success or failure of kilogram production test .

   Academician Yuan Longping “ Big test ” What were you up to the day before ? Yesterday morning , The reporter came to Hunan Hybrid Rice Research Center , He found that Mr. Yuan was watching a volleyball match . For the coming “ Big test ”, Yuan Laosi did not show any nervousness . Mr. Yuan said he was 95% sure of the production test . In the face of grim facts , Take it easy , Don't be too nervous .

   per mu yield 802.9
kg . ! New record of rice yield in saline alkali soil of China . Just half a month ago , By Yuan Longping “ Sea rice ” The production of salt tolerant rice planted by the team and Jiangsu Provincial Agricultural Technology Extension Station was tested in kitecha Fangling reclamation area, Rudong, Jiangsu Province . Yuan Longping “ Chaoyouqian ” The average yield per mu of salt tolerant rice reached
802.9 kg . , A new record of high yield of rice in saline alkali soil .

   China has more than one billion mu of saline alkali land , Among them, rice can be planted near 2 100 million mu . If “ Sea rice ” Successful research , At least it can increase 1 One hundred million mu of arable land can be fed more 1 100 million people . Wish Mr. Yuan a new record !