yesterday , A picture from an operator , It is widely spread in xiaozaojun's circle of friends .

This is it ( Click to see and zoom in ):

The , It is the operator in Guangzhou , Shenzhen to different manufacturers 5G Actual test results of base station power consumption .

all the time , People are talking about it 5G Large bandwidth and high speed, excellent performance at the same time , I'm also concerned 5G Power consumption of . about 5G Power consumption of , Although there are many theoretical parameters , However, there is no demonstration of the actual test results .

And the picture above , It is undoubtedly the most realistic first-line test results so far , And from the carrier , Very convincing .

According to the conclusion in the figure : 1,5G The power consumption of single station is 4G Single station 2.5~3.5 times ,AAU The increase in power consumption is 5G Main reasons for power consumption increase .
2, At present, the full load power of single station is close to 3700W , The power supply of the existing network needs to be adjusted , Expand the capacity in advance .

without doubt , This conclusion is very surprising . Although we are right 5G The increase of power consumption has certain psychological preparation , But that's an increase , It's still a bit of a shock .

Some netizens even exclaimed : “ State grid or 5G The biggest winner !”

as everyone knows , Energy consumption cost of communication network ( That's electricity ), Account for network maintenance cost of operators (OPEX) The proportion of , About 20% about .
Double power consumption , That is, the electricity bill will double , Undoubtedly, it will greatly increase the operating pressure of operators . Power equipment expansion mentioned in the conclusion , It also means 5G Investment in network construction (CAPEX) An increase in .

5G Base station master equipment , Mainly by BBU and AAU form . AAU In fact, it is 4G Epochal RRU+ antenna .

BBU The main role of , Is responsible for baseband digital signal processing .
AAU The main role of , It is to convert baseband digital signal into analog signal , Then modulated into high-frequency RF signals. , Then the power is amplified by the power amplifier unit , It's transmitted through an antenna .

Look at the data in the figure ,BBU The power is relatively stable , Not affected by business load too much . and AAU It's not the same , As the load increases , Power consumption has also increased dramatically .

S111 to configure ,100% Under load , Single station power consumption can even reach 3852.5W .

S111/S333: S Indicates the directional sector ,111 Represents a three sector base station , One frequency point per sector ,333 Represents a three sector base station , Three frequency points per sector .

It is worth mentioning that , This is just the power consumption of the device itself , Not counting the power consumption of the air conditioner . The overall power consumption of a single site will only be greater .

It should be noted that , although 5G The absolute power consumption of base station is increasing , But its energy efficiency ratio is certainly lower than that 4G Of .
in other words , At the same power consumption ,5G The network capacity of will be 4G Dozens of times , each bit The power consumption is greatly reduced .

There are data to show ,5G Under base station , each 1 Kilowatt hour is available for you to download 5000 Several super Qing films . And in the 4G times , The same power can only be downloaded 200 It's not enough .
The amount of data that can be downloaded per kilowatt hour (4G and 5G contrast ) The data is from the network elite mercenaries

For all that , A sharp rise in electricity charges , Or will it make it difficult for operators to sleep and eat .5G Power consumption control of , For operators and equipment providers , It is a very urgent problem .

For now , The main response measures include : Chips with higher process , More energy saving device materials , Introduce more scientific cooling methods , And through AI Technology for dynamic control of equipment power .

MWC2019 Shanghai Exhibition , It was launched by an equipment manufacturer “5G Liquid cooling ” base station

Especially the last one AI Technology dynamic power control , It is regarded as an important breakthrough point to reduce energy consumption by many manufacturers . stay MWC upper , All of them show this kind of scheme , The effect seems to be remarkable .

to make a long story short ,5G Device power consumption is a severe challenge for operators , It's also our promotion 5G An important obstacle to construction .
If the problem of power consumption cannot be solved effectively , add 5G Business model and demand remain unclear , It is difficult for operators to have the motivation to carry out large-scale construction ,5G It will also affect its long-term development .

We need to 5G, We need more green 5G. Hope that the majority of manufacturers can step up innovation and research and development , Launch more and more effective energy-saving technologies , Further reduction 5G energy consumption , Completely eliminate our construction and development 5G The concerns of !

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