What is artificial intelligence ?

artificial intelligence (Artificial
Intelligence), The English abbreviation is AI, It's research , Develop theories to simulate and extend human intelligence , method , A new technology science of technology and application system .

2017 Year 17% The developers of AI Or machine learning . also 73% People said they planned to 2018 To learn these techniques .

■ 46% 's developers said they would probably be in 2018 Looking for a new job .

——DigitalOcean report

With artificial intelligence (AI) It began to penetrate almost every industry , More and more developers are making plans to learn this technology to increase their business competitiveness .DigitalOcean According to a survey , about
83% The developer of 2017 Not engaged in AI Or machine learning experience , But among them 73% People said they planned to 2018 To learn these techniques .
according to ZDNet It is reported that some companies, including Microsoft, have added artificial intelligence to their products , Make it easier for developers to integrate data , This also makes developers more familiar with these technologies .
Investigation findings , stay 17% Of AI Among developers , A lot of people use it TensorFlow Solving semantic analysis , Image recognition and natural language processing .
Developers also want to AI Some problems can be solved in the coming year : When they were asked what they expected 2018 What are the major challenges facing the annual meeting ,63% People think it's automated workflow ,32%
People think it's useful AI And machine learning to solve business needs .
Participating in the survey 2500 Most developers use Linux operating system (89%), Much higher than Windows(8%),MacOS(2%) and BSD(1%).
In programming language selection ,PHP suffer 27% Of the respondents , The second is Python(24%),Java(15%) and Java(8%).LetsEncrypt
It's the most popular SSL provider , The second is Comodo(8%) and GoDaddy(6%).
AI Developers are one of the most needed professionals , Faced with high conditions and high salaries . Of the developers surveyed, about 46% People said , They are likely to be there 2018
Take advantage of the popularity of the market to find a new job .

Last century 50 At an academic conference in the S , At that time, several famous scientists discussed the problem of simulating human intelligence with machines from the perspective of different disciplines , For the first time “ artificial intelligence ” Terms for . from then on , The new subject of artificial intelligence was born .
The academic conference , It's the Dartmouth conference in the history of computer science (Dartmouth Conferences).

What are the applications of artificial intelligence ?
1. computer game
2. intelligent robot
3. Man machine game
4. Face recognition
in addition , Artificial intelligence in natural language recognition , fingerprint identification , Map navigation , Automatic driving and other directions have made great contributions , I will not describe it here .

What are the criteria for artificial intelligence ?
To answer this question , We have to introduce another famous concept first : Turing test .

Turing test is a famous scientist Alan · Matheson · Turing in 1950 Proposed in . Its content is , If the computer program can 5 Answer a series of questions from human testers within minutes , And it exceeds 30% The test takers were mistaken for human answers , Then the program passes the test , It shows that the program has the intelligence close to human .
Give me a straight explanation ,

Participants in the Turing test include one or more judges , Two testers . One of the testers was a human , Another tester is a computer program . ladder - Zero thirty | Ninety two | Do you want to order Kang , When the judges can't see the tester directly , Some questions raised by the judges , Then make your own judgment according to the answer . To this day , Only one smart chat program in the world barely passed the Turing test , Its name is
Eugene · Gustman . thus it can be seen , Human distance realizes artificial intelligence in real sense , There is a long way to go .

artificial intelligence , machine learning , What is the relationship among deep learning ?
In short , The relationship between the three is concentric :
The outermost layer of concentric circles is artificial intelligence , From putting forward the concept to the present , There have been many kinds of realization ideas and algorithms .
The middle layer of concentric circles is machine learning , It belongs to a subset of artificial intelligence , Many recommendation algorithms on the Internet , Correlation ranking algorithm , The foundation is machine learning .
The innermost layer of concentric circles is deep learning , Further sublimation based on machine learning , It is the core driver of the big bang of artificial intelligence .