2019 year 8 month 9 day , At the Huawei Developer Conference , Huawei consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong officially released the Hongmeng system , And announced the open source of Hongmeng system .

Huawei officially released Hongmeng system , Will take out 10 100 million US dollars to encourage developers to build ecology .

   according to the understanding of , Huawei originally planned to launch Hongmeng next spring , But external pressure has brought this time forward to this year 8 month . Yu Chengdong said , Hongmeng has completed the mobile terminal adaptation , Reach commercial level .
From two years ago to now , Huawei's investment in Hongmeng system is close 5000 R & D personnel .

   For the development of Hongmeng OS The original intention of , Yu Chengdong believes that , With the advent of the era of full scene wisdom , Huawei believes that it is necessary to further improve the cross platform capability of the operating system , Including full scene support , Capability across multiple devices and platforms and low latency , Ability to challenge high security , Therefore, Hongmeng gradually formed OS The prototype of .

  “ It can be said that Hongmeng OS Starting point and starting point Android,iOS It's not the same , yes
A new distributed operating system for all scenarios based on microkernel , It can satisfy the smooth experience of the whole scene at the same time , Architecture level trusted security , Requirements of seamless collaboration across terminals and multi terminal deployment in one development .”

   Yu Chengdong said , Future 5-10 Years , Huawei has only one long-term strategy : Make a full scene of intelligent life . to this end , This year, Huawei 3 This month released its full scene intelligence (IoT) strategy , Namely “1+8+n“ strategy , among ,“1” So “ mobile phone ” Main entrance ;“8” So “ Flat ,PC, wear ,HD,AI loudspeaker box , headset ,VR, Turning machine ” Etc. is the auxiliary entrance ;“N” then is “ extensive IoT Hardware ”. Huawei wants to cover multiple consumer and industrial scenarios through this strategy .

   The realization of this strategy requires a very comprehensive ecological building , Therefore, Hongmeng system came into being . According to Yu Chengdong , Existing Android and iOS The system is based on Linux,Unix, This kind of kernel code is huge and redundant , It's hard to guarantee smooth experience of different terminals . in addition , The era of Internet of things will lead to the situation that one person has multiple terminals , This also puts forward higher requirements for equipment safety , Need software ecology and hardware binding , It brings a lot of work for development .

   in fact , Technology giants have been preparing intensively for new operating systems in the era of Internet of things . For example, Google is developing a microkernel operating system Fuchsia, It can adapt to a variety of hardware terminals , It is also the target of Hongmeng benchmarking . Apple is also doing research and development , But according to the available information , Apple is still dominated by macro kernel and hybrid kernel , Wrist watch , Between different devices such as flat panel OS Not yet unified .

  “ Microkernel ” It's Hongmeng OS One of the characteristics of . The same set of operation platform is adopted , Deploy products with different hardware capabilities , Distributed architecture is adopted , Improve efficiency .
Yu Chengdong said , The performance of microkernel is better than that of Android ,Linux, Apple code utilization has been greatly improved , Improvement of inter process communication efficiency 5 times . at present , Besides Hongmeng micro kernel , It also includes Linux and LiteOS, In order to achieve perfect compatibility for multiple systems .

   At the semi annual performance conference of Huawei held at the end of last month , Liang Hua, chairman of Huawei, mentioned , There are still many loopholes in Huawei's consumer business , One of the biggest loopholes is ecology , This will be one of the most important tasks for the consumer business in the second half of the year .

   The construction of mobile phone ecology is not simple . Microsoft, one of the earliest challengers on this road, has suffered defeat . Microsoft executive Belford has analyzed the failure of its mobile phone system : Too few users , Most software development enterprises are not willing to Windows10 Mobile investment , Even if Microsoft paid a lot for it , Even developed special software products for each other .

   Domestic Internet giants such as Ali have also launched mobile phone operating systems YunOS, The latter was once attractive 2 100 million users , Become the third largest mobile phone operating system in the world . However, with the shrinking of the number of users of the adaptive model ,YunOS Gradually fade out of view .

   Now the problem is in front of Huawei . According to Yu Chengdong , The reason why Microsoft and Ali fail in mobile phone system is that they have no terminal capability , Sales channels and brand support . Huawei's ability lies in more terminal support .

  “ If we get to the extreme , We can replace all Huawei mobile phone systems with Hongmeng overnight , Including mainstream applications . The development amount of Android system migrating to Hongmeng system is very small , We can do that , But we didn't do that ”, Yu Chengdong said in an interview with reporters . 

  But the establishment of ecology has never been achieved overnight , Huawei also needs to push forward according to the rhythm . Zhang Ping An said , The smart screen launched by Huawei sub brand glory will be the first terminal equipped with Hongmeng , One of the considerations is that , Smart screen is not a mobile terminal , The degree of openness is relatively low , The applications that need to be used are only about 100 . Then Hongmeng can start with the application of more than 100 models , And then gradually expand .

   what's more , How to attract developers . Zhang Ping An said , Huawei plans to attract developers with a higher share than other manufacturers , If the average share of the industry is within 3:7, Huawei can provide such revenue 50% even to the extent that 70% To return the developer . He revealed , Huawei will take out 10 Billion dollars to motivate developers .

   Huawei terminal to keep overseas market share , This requires Hongmeng to attract overseas developers , However, it is more difficult to establish overseas ecology than in China .
The relevant person in charge of Huawei said , The company started to build overseas ecology three years ago , At present, Huawei has more than 1 10000 developers , Hundreds of millions of Huawei accounts , The number of payment countries supported exceeds 150 individual .“ This is the basis for Hongmeng to build overseas ecology ”, This person in charge said .