<> Jack Ma ( To the young ):

A lot of people today have a lot of complaints say:i don’t have opportunity .I
complain a lot when i was young And suddenly realized complaint dose not solve
any problem.The opportunity always in the place where people complain.There are
so many opportunites in the world,in this world.If you can solve the
complaint,one of the complaints.That’s the opportunity.So this is what we
made.I think young people ,if my advice to be an entrepreneur ,Don’t be scared
of failure of setbacks .And don’t give up.when we start the business.we had 18
founders including me 17 of them,Now most of them are my students .And most of
them Well , today people think These 18 people ,they are the smartest people in
China .We don’t think we were smart Honestly .we all graduate from the very
poor schools .The only thing we was we’re very united .we all believe the
future And we learn through mistakes We never give up If you gradute from
famous university please respect the people who graduate from the poor schools
Those people like us graduate from a poor universites please respect yourself
.We came today to down We made so many mistakes .People say,You are luckly yes
,we are very lucky We’ve been only 19 years to today’s size But we gone through
so many tough situations We made so many mistakes that people cannnot even
imagine probably in 19 years You have to gone through so many tough experience
and that will make you different!

Many people have complaints today , I don't have a chance , I used to complain when I was young . But I realized that complaining doesn't solve any problems. The opportunity is always where people complain . In this world , There are many opportunities . If you can resolve the complaint , Even if it's one of those complaints . That's the opportunity , That's what we do . I think young people , Let me give advice to young people who want to be entrepreneurs . That is, don't be afraid of failure and frustration . Don't give up , When we started our business , We have 18 Founders , among 17 Most of them are my students , Most of them … that , Now people think , this 18 They are the smartest people in China , We don't think we're smart : honestly , We all graduated from very poor schools , The only thing we can do is to be very united , We all believe in the future , We learn by mistakes , We never give up , If you graduate from a prestigious school , Please respect those who graduated from poverty . People like us , Graduated from a poor university , Please respect yourself . We are here today . We made a lot of mistakes . People say , You are lucky. , Yes, we are very lucky , We are only in 19
Within the year, it reached today's scale . But we had a lot of hard times , Here it is 19 In the year , We make mistakes that many people can't even imagine . You have to go through so many difficult experiences . And these experiences will make you different !

<> Perception :

There is a saying ,

I have never seen a diligent, prudent and honest man who gets up early and complains about the unfairness of fate .

Yeah , One really has a good character , Uninhibited will , Will not be easily defeated by fate , Anything that cannot defeat him will be his stepping stone , It will only make him stronger . The harder you work , It's more likely to meet the surprise of life , People surrounded by negative energy , In my own circle , It's just going to get deeper and deeper , See the future at a glance , Constantly complaining about life , How terrible it is !!!
Think about solutions to problems , Complaining won't solve any problems after all , Hold your heart , Remain true to our original aspiration , It is the best solution in the true sense to face the difficulties in the process of tempering .
Life won't be extra generous because you complain , It's because you're stuck and you're missing out !
Instead of complaining , It's better to reflect on yourself .
Find yourself in solitude , Seek your own light in the dark .

Dream as horse , Live up to your time
Time flies with laughter , The future can be expected

Come on, stranger !!!