I just had a chance to learn about it recently Android, The company has just one piece S3C6410
Development board of , I studied it , I found it was very similar to a project I had done before , It's just a product , One is the development board , Another feeling

The distance between developing board and making products is really far away . So I want to write about my previous project , That's a product I made at my previous company .

         Let's briefly introduce the product , It's an educational game machine , It can be played MP3,WMA, The most important thing is that it can be played Flash animation . And play Flash
The engine of is and Adoble Company cooperation , Because it uses

Of MCU just ARM926EJS, So we did some optimization with this company .

           This product is mainly composed of the following parts :

1) main MCU, A kernel is ARM926EJS Of SOC, have 2.5D image processor , Yes NAND , SD Interface , Yes LCD,USB Master slave Interface , have DAC,
PWM, Can be external plug-in Flash and SDRAM etc .

2) 32M SDRAM.

3) 512K Nor Flash, Main preservation bootload.

4) NAND, 512Mbyte, It is divided into three parts , One part is invisible , Primary preservation secondary boot, linux kernel , There is also a picture of the startup screen .
The other part is the file system , It is divided into two areas , A district

   preservation Flash Lite engine , There are also some data files for setting parameters . The last part is preservation MP3 And some games and animations , Application data such as pictures .

5) SD
card , It can extend the function of the product , Because the main way to profit from this product is to switch themes , This allows other design companies to make some products , Then put the product into the SD obstruct , You can put a lot of topics in this way .

     Let me explain the subject , Like the Barbie doll you know , We all know this image, right , So there are companies that can license this image to make products . There are many such images in the world , Like cat and mouse animation

     Have you seen it , Those two guys are images , Using them requires authorization .

6) LCD, Touch screen with resistance .

7) Audio, You can plug in headphones , It can also be put out .

8) A few buttons , Mainly to adjust the volume , Other function keys .

9) There are also some power management , as DC/DC etc .

10) In addition, this product also provides a PC , include MAC Download tools for computers , It mainly downloads application data and updates firmware .

Draw a picture to end the presentation , Next time, we will mainly introduce the start-up process of the product .

sorry , Found that the home computer is not installed viso, It has to be used office Under the drawing function draw a picture .