<> How to quickly learn a skill

The inspiration of this article lies in my understanding of python Learning from .

<> Antecedents

For people with no computer background , When learning a new language , It's a bit difficult to start . But the good thing is , When I came into the field of data science , I am from R The beginning of language . Maybe it's the comfort zone , Although I always wanted to python This kind of linguistics is good , But it didn't make progress .

For learning python What have I done before ?

* Collect a lot of learning materials , Design learning route . Often trapped in the collection of information can not extricate themselves , I even wonder if there is any better information to use , There is no practice and no real output .
* use datacamp. I have also insisted on completing several courses , But use it yourself ,debug When , There will be no way .
* Look at the code written by others . No own input .
As you can see, my failure experience is :

* Make the smallest project first , Let yourself start positive feedback .
* More data collection , It's not for you to start learning .
* Learn anything , All need to think , Refining framework .
Learning doesn't need rich and colorful materials , How much do you want to learn , It needs you to start from scratch , Lay a good foundation , Step by step up .

<> process

Skills include :

* English
* python
* sql

Skill based learning program :
1. Determine the first step : Basic learning , What do you want to do first :MVP
2. Collect some useful framework information , Identify the next level of framework knowledge for the task you are going to do (eg:python Basic classification and arrangement , Reference at any time ): repeat , Collect feedback , Refining framework
3. According to the framework , Set a task , This task can use the above framework indefinitely
4. Setting tasks requires clear goals and deadlines
5. Practice again and again , Improve the framework
6. Reflection and optimization until integration

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