ClickHouse It's a model made by Russia Yandex Open source OLAP database
, Excellent performance of owners , In the official benchmark ,ClickHouse The average response speed of Vertica Of 2.63 times ,InfiniDB Of 17 times ,MonetDB Of 27 times ,Hive Of 126 times ,
MySQL Of 429 Times as well as Greenplum Of 10 times .

since 2016 Since the open source ,ClickHouse Has been maintaining rapid development , Is currently recognized by the industry OLAP Database black horse , Already in the headlines , Ali , tencent , Sina , Many companies such as Qingyun have been applied .

recent years , real-time analysis , The concept of real-time reflection is becoming more and more popular ,” Real time ” It's become a lot of analysis , Important indicators of monitoring system .

We specially invited Mr. Zhu Kai ,ClickHouse
contributor , evangelist , Senior Architect , In depth research on mainstream technologies and solutions in the field of big data , Good at architecture design and integration of distributed system . author 《ClickHouse Principle analysis and application practice 》 A Book .

He will take him with him ClickHouse Practical experience and concentrated in 《ClickHouse Principle analysis and application practice 》 The essence of this book , stay 7 month 25 day 20 On the hour , stay 【 Happy reading time
Meet code 】 In the live program, we will lead all the young people to understand why ” Effectiveness ” So important in the field of analysis and monitoring system , as well as ClickHouse What changes can be made in this field .

Interested buddies , Quickly scan the code or add a little assistant wechat into the group .【 wechat number :vipcsdn】 remarks " Happy reading time " Group membership .

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