1. download .git # repo init -u ssh://xxxxx 2. modify default.xml Add your own account permissions # emacs
.repo/manifests/dfault.xml ssh:// Change to :
ssh://gerrit-username@ 3. Synchronization code #repo sync -j48 or: # repo
sync -j48 -c --no-tags 4. Switch branches , If you switch to dev branch # repo start dev --all 5. Comments and submission code # git
commit -s // Call up annotation format # git push dev HEAD:refs/for/dev // Submit code 6. Modify submission information # git
commit --amend # git push --no-thin dev HEAD:refs/for/dev 7. Synchronize current directory code # repo
sync .
8. If the current project is in the root directory .repo/manifests/default.xml Add new project , You can delete the files in the current directory and .git, Then in the root directory .repo/manifests/default.xml Find the corresponding path , as :device/qcom/common
# cd device/qcom/common # rm -rf * && rm -rf .git # repo sync device/qcom/common

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