4 month 3 day , One of the top experts in the field of international information security , Founder of Kaspersky Laboratory —— Eugene • Kaspersky attends the lecture hall for the centennial of Peking University , The purpose of “ Malware and evolution of malware system ” Keynote speech , The wonderful speech won applause from Peking University students , meanwhile , Mr. Kaspersky personally launched the ceremony of information security on campus , This marks the opening of Kaspersky information security campus promotion activities . 

Half an hour before the event , The multi-functional hall of the Centennial lecture hall of Peking University has been fully occupied , Students are looking forward to it “ master ” The arrival of . afternoon 2 On time , Mr. Kaspersky, managing director of Kaspersky laboratories Asia Pacific and digital star CEO Accompanied by Liu Jianhua and other leaders, he arrived at the venue , Before that, the atmosphere of the venue was lit by applause and cheers , Mr. Kaspersky gave thanks frequently . So we can see that : He has visited China many times “ master ” He is familiar with Chinese etiquette , And this small action in a flash from the psychological closer to the distance between his students .

The speech was officially launched in a speech by Professor Chen Zhong, director of the network and Information Security Laboratory of Peking University , Director Chen first extended a warm welcome to Mr. Kaspersky's visit to Peking University , The research achievements and future plans of Peking University in Information Science and technology in recent years are introduced , Director Chen also expressed the hope that there will be opportunities for in-depth cooperation with Kaspersky laboratory in the future , So as to speed up the pace of academic exchanges between Peking University Information Science Department and international well-known enterprises .

next , This activity “ lead ”—— Eugene • Mr. Kaspersky came to the stage with warm applause , Before the official speech , Mr. Kaspersky expressed his thanks to Director Chen and other students for coming , And I feel very honored to be able to make a speech at the Centennial University ! then , Mr. Kaspersky published “ Malware and evolution of malware system ” The content of the speech , With years of accumulated practical experience and profound knowledge , From operating system and device , Industry factors , Threats and government & Several aspects of law enforcement agencies are introduced in depth , It is proposed that “ Everything is a computer ”,“ Boiling industry ” And other new industry views , meanwhile , Mr. Kaspersky was right 2018 The network security situation is analyzed prospectively , And put forward relevant solutions .

In the interactive link , Students have long been affected by Mr. Kaspersky's wonderful speech , Everyone asked questions enthusiastically , It's going on 30 Minutes after the interaction , When the emcee told the participants that there was one last chance to ask questions , All of a sudden, there was a scene that the staff members did not know who to hand over the microphone to when they were faced with many questioners , Finally, a brave girl stood up and yelled “Eugene,I’m
here,Welcome to China!” And got this precious opportunity , Mr. Kaspersky, with a knowing smile , A comprehensive reply was given to the questions raised .

In order to promote the popularization of information security , in recent years , Kaspersky laboratory consumes a lot of people in China , Wealth , material resources , In order to enhance the national awareness of active protection of information security .2009 year , Kaspersky ( China ) Digital star launch with publisher “ Kaspersky's safe trip to China ” plan , Both sides decided to take advantage of Kaspersky's visit to China , Taking Peking University as “ Information security on campus ” The first station of the plan , Mr. Kaspersky started the university program . At the ceremony , Mr Kaspersky will “ Kaspersky campus information security Promotion Ambassador ” The certificate shall be submitted to the president of six universities including Peking University Computer Association , And I sincerely hope that all of you “ ambassador ” Popularizing information security knowledge in Campus , Protect the computer security of Xueyou , So that the concept of network security protection in the school session passed on , Finally, we took a group photo to commemorate .

At the end of the speech activity , Mr. Kaspersky and director Chen Zhong came to the stage to present gifts to each other on behalf of Kaspersky laboratory and Peking University , From the gifts given to each other, it can be seen that both sides are well intentioned ! Kaspersky laboratory presented Peking University with a set of platinum version products signed by Mr. Kaspersky , What Peking University presented to Kaspersky laboratory is a carved Boya tower , Vases of Beijing University landmark buildings such as Weiming Lake , And the gift giving ceremony also drew a complete end to the speech . 

according to the understanding of , Mr. Kaspersky chose Peking University as the base of his speech , It is based on the increasingly serious criminal situation of malware , Mr. Kaspersky hopes to strengthen exchanges with Chinese academics and students , communicate , Be able to fully understand the current situation of China's information security market and put forward effective solutions , meanwhile , We will also share the world's cutting-edge information security technology with Chinese academics , And passed “ Kaspersky information security into campus ” And other related activities to enhance the awareness of the whole people to resist malicious program attacks , Finally create a harmonious and non dangerous network environment . According to Kaspersky company's relevant person introduction , After the speech at Peking University , Mr. Kaspersky will also be in 4 month 7 day ( today ) Arrive at Fudan University in Shanghai to give an academic speech .