<> brief introduction

In mobile application development , Often encounter the need to load web pages , There are usually two ways to open a web page , That is to use the built-in components in the application and use the browser to open it . however , stay Flutter Application development , Since the official did not provide similar information Webview Web loading component for , So if the project involves web loading, you need to use a third-party plug-in library , as webview_flutter,flutter_webview_plugin etc .

among ,webview_flutter yes Flutter Official development and maintenance of Web loading plug-in library , and flutter_webview_plugin then is Flutter Web loading plug-in launched by open source community . Both plug-ins have similar functions , Both support loading local html text ,Flutter call js as well as js call Flutter etc. , But I recommend using the official plug-in , Because it will continue to follow up on known problems .

And others Flutter Plug ins are used in the same way , use webview_flutter You need to be in the pubspec.yaml Add dependent script to file , As shown below .
dependencies: webview_flutter: ^0.3.22+1
then , We use flutter packages get The order will webview_flutter After the plug-in is pulled locally , You can use it to load and develop web pages .

<> Basic use

As shown below , yes WebView The constructor of the component .
WebView({ Key key, this.onWebViewCreated, //WebView Callback after creation this.initialUrl,
// initialization URL this.javascriptMode = JavascriptMode.disabled, //JS Execution mode , The default is not to call
this.javascriptChannels, // JS Can be called Flutter Access to this.navigationDelegate, // Routing delegation ,

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