Mind map

Mind mapping, also known as mind mapping, is an effective graphic thinking tool to express divergent thinking. It is simple but effective, and it is a practical thinking tool. Mind map uses the skill of paying equal attention to pictures and pictures to show the relationship of different levels of topics with the hierarchical map of mutual subordination and correlation, and establishes memory links between key words, images, colors, etc. Mind mapping makes full use of the functions of the left and right brain, and uses the laws of memory, reading and thinking to help people balance development between science and art, logic and imagination, so as to open up the unlimited potential of human brain. Therefore, mind map has the powerful function of human thinking. Mind mapping is a way to visualize thinking. We know that radioactive thinking is the natural way of thinking in the human brain. Every kind of information entering the brain, whether it is feeling, memory or idea - including words, numbers, symbols, aroma, food, lines, colors, images, rhythm, notes, etc., can become a thinking center, and from this center, thousands of joint points and every joint can be radiated Points represent a link with the central theme, and each link can become another central theme, and then radiate out thousands of joint points, showing a radioactive three-dimensional structure. These joint links can be regarded as your memory, just like the nerve elements in the brain, which are interconnected, that is, your personal database. Mind map, also known as brain map, mental map, brainstorming map, inspiration trigger map, concept map, tree diagram, branch map or thinking map, is a tool of image thinking and an auxiliary tool of using image thinking. Mind map is a graphic way of using a central keyword or idea to create a visualized structure and classification of ideas; it uses a central keyword or idea to connect all the representative words, ideas, tasks or other related items in a radial linear manner.