With the increasing strength and popularity of wechat function , More and more people will inevitably have a wechat for work , A private wechat , however PC Under normal circumstances, only one wechat can be logged in , This is the time PC Two login terminals switch ? One for computer and one for mobile phone ?

    Of course not , Don't talk much , Here are the details PC Both sides of wechat / Multiple opening method :

premise :

    It is necessary to ensure that there are two mobile phones that can log in to wechat or one mobile phone that can open wechat on both sides .

Specific methods :

    1. ensure PC The client software of wechat has been installed in the end .

    2.  Right click the wechat shortcut on the desktop , Find the installation path of wechat ( This is the figure below “ target ” Content in property ).

    3. Create a text file , direct copy At the same time , Remember to replace the wechat installation path with the actual installation path in your computer
, Because everyone's situation is different . subsequently , Name the text “ WeChat .bat”( Property is .bat file ) And save it to the desktop .
TASKKILL /F /IM wechat.exe start "" "D:\WeChat\WeChat.exe" start ""
    notes : If you need to log in more than one ( More than two ) WeChat , Fill in multiple lines in the text “start xxx”. There are two lines in the current example “start xxx”, This is the double opening .

Find it on the desktop “ WeChat .bat” This app Icon , Double click and you'll find out PC Wechat on the end has been opened in both directions / Open more ( Sometimes more than one may overlap and only one can be seen , When you move the page, you will see more than one )