IBM History of operating system development -IBM operating system (OS) History and timeline

International Business Aircraft (IBM) The company has played a major role in the history of computers . Its computer related technology covers the hardware , Operating systems and Applications . In the table below , We have listed by IBM
In the past few decades for the mainframe , Desktop computer and based on Unix Major operating systems for large computers and midsize computers .

date operating system computer remarks
early stage OS
1956 GM-NAA I/O IBM 704  
1959 SOS SHARE OS Computer for Science   
1967 ACP Airline system /360 Airline application program in the light of airline A special version of the application's operating system
Mainframe operating system trajectories
1960 IBSYS IBM 7090 and 7094  
1964 OS/360 system /360 IBM Promulgation system /360.
1965 TOS Tape system /360  
1966 DOS/360 system /360  
1972 MFT system /360,370 system /370 stay 1970 promulgation
1972 VS1 system /370 operating system /360 Variable of
1972 MVT system /370 OS/360 Variable of
1973 SVS system /370 from MVT rename
1974 VS2 system /370 be based on VS1 and MVT
1975 MVS(Multiple Virtual Storage) system /370 from VS2 r3 rename
1977 MVS/SP system /370  
1979 MVS/370 system /370 from MVS Rename of
1981 MVS/XA system /370 from MVS rename
1988 MVS/ESA system /370 from MVS rename
1995 MVS/ESA SP5R2 system /370, 390 IBM Promulgation system /390 To replace the system /370. This is MVS Last version of .
1996 OS/390 v1 system /390 from MVS New with UNIX Brand of system service
1997 OS/390 v2 system /390 OS/390 The final version of is in 2000 Year's OS/390 v2.10
2001 z/OS v1(zSeries/ operating system ) For system /390 and zSeries stay 2000 year ,IBM Issued zSeries
To replace the system /390.z/OS yes OS/390 have 64 Supported successors .
2007 z/OS v1.9 For system /390 and zSeries current version
Mainframe operating system trajectories
1966 CP-40 For system /360 be based on MIT CTSS
1968 CP-67 For system /360  
1968 CP/CMS v1 For system /360  
1969 CP/CMS v2 For system /360  
1971 CP/CMS v3 For system /360  
1972 VM/CMS v1 For system /370 f CP/CMS One of the System/370 implement
1974 VM/CMS v2 For system /370  
1976 VM/CMS v3 For system /370  
1976 SEPP and BSEPP For system /370 System extender products
1977 VM/CMS v5 For system /370 With new system extensions ,BSEPP and SEPP
1979 VM/CMS v6 For system /370 BSEPP and SEPP Version of 2
1980 VM/SP1 For system /370  
1981 VM/XA For system /370 extend framework   
1981 VM/HPO For system /370 Update to VM/SP To enhance it to support running in 370 High end in mode S/370 processor
1982 VM/SP2 For system /370  
1983 VM/SP3 For system /370  
1985 VM/SP4 For system /370  
1985 VM XA/SF For system /370 Extended architecture   
1987 VM/SPv5 For system /370  
1988 VM/SPv6 For system /370  
1989 VM/IS For system /370  
1989 VM XA/SP1 and 2 For system /370 Extended architecture   
1990 VM/ESA v1 For system /370, 390 IBM Promulgation system /390.
1995 VM/ESA v2 For system /390  
2000 zVM v3 IBM Of zSeries And system z9 computer IBM promulgation zSeries.zVM Is based on VM/ESA v2 r4 Of .
2001 zVM v4 zSeries And system z9 computer   
2004 zVM v5 zSeries And system z9 computer   
2007 zVM v5.3 zSeries And system z9 computer Latest version
Desktop operating system
1987 OS/2 1.0 IBM PS/2 / Intel 80286 processor Merge with Microsoft
1991 OS/2 1.3 IBM PS/2 / Intel 80286 processor   
1992 OS/2 2.0 IBM PS/2 / Intel 80386 processor   
1994 OS/2 3.0 (or OS/2 Warp) Supports both desktop and server 3.0 Add network performance ,Windows NT be based on OS/2 3.0
1996 OS/2 4.0 (or OS/2 Warp 4) Supports both desktop and server Added Java And speech recognition software
2001 OS/2 4.52 Supports both desktop and server OS/2 Last of IBM edition .IBM Already in 2005 Stop selling at the end of the year IS/2 And in the 2006 Stop at the end of the year
be based on Unix Operating system of
1986 AIX v1( senior IBM UNIX) IBM PS/2 Micro channel architecture PCs and IBM RT. be based on Unix system V edition 3
1987 AIX v2 in the light of 6150 sequence IBM RT system   
1988 AIX/370 For mainframe systems /370  
1990 AIX v3 IBM POWER framework   
1994 AIX v4 in the light of PowerPC Architecture and PCI Bus   
2001 AIX v5L in the light of IA64 Architecture and PowerPC 4 & 5,970  
2007 AIX v6 POWER6, system i5 stay POWER6 Middle partition flexibility
Computers in the middle range
1988 OS/400 v1 AS/400  
1991 OS/400 v1 AS/400  
1994 OS/400 v3 AS/400  
1997 OS/400 v4 AS/400  
2001 OS/400 v5 AS/400 or iSeries system IBM Brand redesign AS/400 by iSeries.
2005 OS/400 v5.4 iSeries system OS/400 The last version of was OS/400 v5.4.
2006 i5/OS v5r4 system i IBM Brand redesign iSeries For system i.i5/OS yes OS/400 Brand design .AIX and Linux
coexistence .
2008 i5/OS v6r1 system i