<> Background of the problem

Usually when we develop , Joint console and Navicat/PLSQL And other tools for sentence splicing check , If it's just a bunch of output ???
, That would greatly reduce our efficiency . So we need to output complete SQL Statement for debugging .

<> Solution

If it is application.yml
#mybatis-plus Configure the console to print complete with parameters SQL sentence mybatis-plus: configuration: log-impl:
If it is application.properties, add to :
#mybatis-plus Configure the console to print complete with parameters SQL sentence mybatis-plus.configuration.log-
Output effect
--- [ XNIO-1 task-12] c.s.cms.controller.IndexController : username-admin-
password-123456-**** Creating a new SqlSession SqlSession [org.apache.ibatis.
session.defaults.DefaultSqlSession@708e9ffd] was not registered for
synchronization because synchronization is not active--- [ XNIO-1 task-12] com.
alibaba.druid.pool.DruidDataSource : {dataSource-1} inited JDBC Connection [com.
alibaba.druid.proxy.jdbc.ConnectionProxyImpl@62b13210] will not be managed by
Spring==> Preparing: select * from user t where t.user_code='admin' and t.
password='123456' ==> Parameters: <== Columns: user_id, user_code, create_date,
modify_date, user_name, password, status, role_id, department_id, major_id,
classes_id, year <== Row: 1, admin, 2020-02-15 22:14:32, 2020-02-18 23:38:51,
Moshow K ZHENG, 123456, 1, 9, 1, 13, 113, 2020 <== Total: 1 Closing non
transactional SqlSession[org.apache.ibatis.session.defaults.DefaultSqlSession