System number :BS-GX-020

Background technology :Spring+Springmvvc+mybatis+shiro

front-end technology :Bootstrap+jquery+ajax

Page development :JSP

development tool :IDEA  or   Eclipse

database :mysql5

application server :tomcat8

JAVA edition :jdk1.8

explain : This system is based on SSM Developed from framework , Complete system functions , Simple and elegant interface , Correct operation , Suitable for graduation design .

The system has three roles :

1, Administrator role : Can manage courses , Managing Teachers , Managing students , Personal information management, etc

2, Teacher role : Can manage course selection grades , Grade my elective courses , Personal information management, etc

3, Student role : You can choose courses , Drop out , View course selection information , Course selection results , Personal information management, etc

The system functions are demonstrated as follows :

Administrator login :

course management :

Add course : Assign teachers

Student management :

Teacher management :

Reset other account passwords :

Password modification :

Teacher login :

Grade students who choose courses

Student login :

Selected courses : Show selected open classes ( Didn't score )

Courses taken : Show selected and closed classes ( Scored )

The above is based on SSM Display of some functions of educational administration management system , This project is suitable for JAVA Language aspect Graduation design system using .