2021 year 6 month 2 Day and night 8 spot , Huawei officially released the live broadcast HarmonyOS
Hongmeng system 2.0. Historic moment , Interconnection of all things , Hongmeng operating system of all things intelligence was officially released today ! The past ten years , Huawei has built its core competence in the field of consumer electronics : advanced SoC Design , Powerful AI skill , Made by advanced technology, etc . nowadays ,HarmonyOS 2 Beyond the past and present , Moving towards full connection , The era of all intelligent Internet of things is advancing .

Hongmeng system can cover all equipment , Small to 128KB Memory products can run Hongmeng system . All devices use only one system

【 Hongmeng equipment is directly and arbitrarily interconnected 】 Hongmeng system can integrate all Hongmeng products into one “ hyper terminal ”, Users only need to pull it gently to connect successfully , On the back, Huawei has found , pair , connect , Combination and verification have been completed automatically . Flat , mobile phone , Zhihuiping , Wrist watch , Bluetooth headset ,PC Easy interconnection , Form HyperTerminal .Windows Installed harmony
os Distributed plug-ins for , It breaks through the limitations of both , Office is easier and more convenient !

【#HarmonyOS# Adopting distributed soft bus technology 】 stay Harmony OS 2 At the press conference , Wangchenglu, President of Huawei's consumer business software department, said ,Harmony
OS( Hongmeng operating system ) Adopting distributed soft bus technology , Users can assemble different hardware , Use unified control center , Realize multi device cross screen connection .

Endurance should be the upgrade point we are very concerned about , New Huawei HarmonyOS Optimized power consumption of the device , Improve endurance performance , Huawei Mate40
Pro After upgrading Hongmeng system 《 Game for Peace 》 Endurance is 5.1 Hours , And in EMUI 11 The following is 4.7 Hours , Nearly half an hour of game time has been increased .

Simpler interface , Smarter experience , New universal card , Hide and show , Direct message , Multi size and multi combination , Create your own desktop style !

Huawei's HarmonyOS Launch atomized service card , It can be realized as long as several layers of code are superimposed in the original application . Atomized services can be fixed to the desktop , In addition, not commonly used App It can be aggregated and displayed in a large folder , And you don't have to open the folder and then open the application , It's no problem to click directly .““ the circulation ” The function can throw the pictures of mobile phones or other devices into other devices . This concept is indeed ahead of schedule , Hongmeng is not an operating system in our original consciousness , Even the operating system is only a small part of him .

HarmonyOS New multi equipment control center , Pull and close , Operating multiple devices is as simple as operating one device . all-new HarmonyOS The desktop is simple and orderly , Slide up APP Generate universal card , Richer information can be presented on the desktop . Cards are also carriers of atomized services , Easily accessible in the service center , Share anytime , No download required , install , Get various services in one step .

Bring a new way of interaction , Including a multi device control center that allows multiple devices to be connected immediately , Become a super terminal . such as , When listening to music on your mobile phone , Sometimes you need to use the loudspeaker on your mobile phone , Switch different sound sources between Bluetooth headset and speaker . before , Need to cut off and reconnect , Time consuming operation . nowadays ,HarmonyOS 2 Let mobile phones and speakers form a super terminal , Just in the control interface , Pull the speaker and the mobile phone together , The audio can be played out through the speaker , Instantly improve the sound quality experience , Very convenient !

Revolutionary distributed technology , Breaking the boundaries of hardware , Allow different hardware to coexist , This is it. harmony
os Changes brought about by . Different devices , Same experience ! Smart Folder , Directly touch the contents of the folder , It can also be classified automatically , Automatic naming . along with harmony
os Successfully released , I believe in future support harmony os More and more software and hardware , Are you ready ?