As “ Domestic system born under the spotlight ”, Huawei Hongmeng system has caused heated debate since its birth . Although the Hongmeng system has been updated to 3.0 edition , And about “ Is Hongmeng system an Android shell ” Problems of , But it is still the focus of everyone , But that may not be the key .

<> Is Hongmeng system a shell

Building a system is very important for domestic technology enterprises , It's not too difficult at all . But why is it that only those who survive in the end MIUI,Flyme,Color
OS In this way “ Shell system ” And ? Is it really because of stronger technology ? Because if you don't shell, you can't live , There is no way to be compatible with Android apps , For this era of mobile terminals controlled by Android, it is like “ commit suicide ”.

And the Hongmeng system has also been criticized by roast Linux, But break away Linux The consequences are rarely mentioned . Even though Hongmeng system is now compatible with Android Software , We will also find that Hongmeng system wants to raise developers , Difficulties are unimaginable to ordinary people , If you develop a product that completely breaks away from apple , Android's third largest system , It sounds very hot , But the outcome may not be satisfactory . Think about Nokia Symbian system, which was once very popular , We seem to be able to see the answer .

If you have to use it “ Rub each screw by hand ”“ Knock each string of codes by hand ” To define domestic , That country can be called “ domestic ” There are very few things . Even ours “ Liaoning ” Can only be crowned “ Mixed race ” Label of , Why so serious ? There is an essential difference between being upright and being shameful and suffering .

<> How can I not get stuck

As long as you don't get stuck, you've made the first step , This is next door “ Brother Mao ” More clearly than we can see . At Google , Samsung , After Apple attacked one after another and began to block the Russian market , Russia's first reaction was to ask us for help . After the blockade starts , Chinese mobile phone brands in the Russian market have witnessed a sales explosion , Huawei's mobile phone sales soared directly 300%, Mobile phones pre installed with Hongmeng system are more popular .

Why does this happen ?

The reason is simple , That is, Hongmeng system can help Russian users get rid of the blockade of apple and Google . Will not be blocked by Google , Do not bear the difficulties caused by the technical blockade , This is why Russian users choose Huawei . After Google payment and apple payment were blocked , Russian people began to try to use Alipay and wechat to pay . Yes, and the user commented :“ Chinese mobile phones cooperate with China APP, It gives people a very reassuring feeling when used , You never have to worry about them ”.

not long ago , After Intel announced that it cut off its supply to Russia , Russian enterprises announced that they would introduce Chinese manufacturers “ Megacore ” Developed a product called KX-U67806A processor , Although the support of this processor is not high-end , It only reaches the desktop level ( Desktop )i3-2100 Standard of , But Russian companies don't care , In the current situation , Nothing is more important than breaking through the blockade , As long as you don't get stuck , It is also acceptable to appropriately reduce the requirements for performance . after all “ Stability is greater than performance ” It is the idea of all Russian enterprises at this stage .

<> Delete all Google codes

However, Huawei doesn't seem to want to carry it all the time “ Shell Android label ”, Huawei recently made a solemn decision —— Delete Google Code in Hongmeng system .

Although Android system is jointly developed by program engineers all over the world , But Google doesn't own Android , It just has a certain degree of dominance . But Google has done some improvement and finishing work on Android system , Therefore, even the public kernel has a certain amount of Google Code residue . This is also the criticism of Hongmeng “ After all, I can't live without Google ” One reason for . Although Huawei has obtained ownership of these codes , There is no risk of neck sticking , But Huawei resolutely chose to delete them , Replace them with Huawei's independently designed content .

Meanwhile, Huawei insiders also revealed , Such rectification will never be the last , In the future, Huawei will make the Hongmeng system more flexible through continuous modification “ pure ”. Perhaps one day, Hongmeng system will become a more pure domestic mobile phone system that satisfies Chinese people , No more criticism , Talk nonsense .

Of course, to achieve this goal , It may take a long time , The road of science and technology will never be achieved overnight , We need to step out step by step .

<> last

As a domestic system “ Vanguard ”, Many people have high hopes for Hongmeng system , Everyone wants it to be perfect . However, the current Hongmeng system may still have many problems , Not up to the standard of many people . This is a normal situation , Huawei still has a long way to go on this road .

Fortunately , Huawei is fast enough on this road , So that we don't have to experience the embarrassment of being blocked , This is also the greatest value of Hongmeng system .