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To do automated testing, you must understand that DDT Data driven testing , The advantage of this is that it can be tested flexibly through one or more groups of data , Without hard coding .

Let's talk about it today Katalon How to read test data .

Katalon Supported data formats



database data

internal data

Prerequisite preparation

Created Excel File and enter test data

adopt katalon Record the executed test cases , And put input Remove the test data recorded in

1, stay Data Files Create a new one in Excel Formatted testdata

Key knowledge :

Add in Excel There are three settings after the file :

Use first row as header: Check it and it will be automatically removed for you Excel of title( Default check )

Use relative path: If you put Excel put to katalon
Under the folder corresponding to the project , You can use relative paths , That is, after checking, you only need to enter the file name , No absolute path is required ( Not checked by default )

Bind to test case as string: Bind to test cases in string form ( Default check )

last : Be sure to add Excel Save this later datafiles file

2, Create variables in test cases to receive Excel The data inside , The default value can be left blank

Key knowledge :

Remember to save test cases

3, Create a TestSuite And configure a test case

4, Bind the variables in the test case Excel data

Key knowledge :

Remember to save Testsuite

5, Run the test case to see the basis of the meeting Excel Execute multiple test cases based on the amount of data

Here ,katalon conduct DDT Data driven testing has been implemented ~~~

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