<> Play with raspberry pie ( one ) Basic knowledge

Raspberry pie (Raspberry Pi) Is the main run Linux A small computer of the system , You can connect raspberry pie to a TV , monitor , Use of keyboard, mouse and other devices .

<> one , Differences of raspberry pie models

<> two , Peripherals and accessories

<>2.1 SD card

SD Card is a must , Raspberry pie onboard without built-in Flash, Whether it's system boot , still Linux function , Are based on SD Card reading and writing .

<>2.2 RAM Memory

Raspberry pie built-in memory chip , Unable to unplug , Cannot add externally .

<>2.3 Mouse keyboard

Raspberry pie USB Oral 4 individual , So hang a mouse , Another keyboard is more than enough .

<>2.4 HDMI monitor

Raspberry pie is mainly made by HDMI Output to display . But some friends may not find a suitable monitor for a while , Just want to pass HDMI Connect to laptop to display ,but This is not possible .

because HMDI Equipment is divided into HDMI Input and HDMI output , Raspberry pie and laptop belong to HDMI output , Monitors and TVs belong to HDMI input ,HDMI Output connection HDMI Input can be displayed normally , And output to output is nothing .

<>2.5 Display touch screen

Some stores offer 3.5 Inch even 7 Inch display touch screen , It looks small and convenient , Touch operation , But in fact, it is of little use in our actual use .

* First, it's from the official website Raspberry Pi OS The system does not support external display touch screen , It doesn't light up when plugged in , Adaptive drive required , Or go to the merchant who buys the touch screen , It's more troublesome .
secondly , During our normal use , It's based on raspberry pie Linux Learning and programming , At this time, the mouse and keyboard are more convenient . Look at the code , The bigger the screen, the better . And at this time 3.5 Inches and 7 Inches is too small .
<>2.6 voice

* HDMI Support sound output
* 3.5mm Audio output , Earphones and stereo can be plugged in .
* if necessary mic input , You can use USB sound card
<>2.7 Power Supply

working voltage 5V, adopt micro USB power supply , Generally, you need to ensure that there are 3A Current of . And our current mobile phone fast charging head is enough .