I was in oracle Experienced in , The problem of user password expiration , It took Baidu a long time to study it by itself , Share with you today

  code :alter user scott identified by 123; 

alter user user name  identified by password ;

  among user by scott ( user name )

Not in the figure below mike(name)

Enter this directly in the administrator account , Other fancy queries , Input is not necessary , Just change it after the next expiration (180 Once every day ).

Detailed introduction :

When the user password expires, a red paragraph of English will be displayed below ,

The general meaning is , Password expires and needs to be modified ( because oracle Reasons for high safety ).

At this time, we need to use the administrator user to change the password of ordinary users ( Administrator user       role :sysdba)

Attention points : 

Enter in the administrator user :          alter user mike identified by 123; ( among 123 Is a new password )

Will report an error !!!!!

Because of your name (name) by mike, And his user name is scott

Like the administrator's name in the above figure (name) by super, And its real name ( user name ) by sys


The correct input method is :

alter user scott identified by 123; 

Change the user name to scott that will do , The user names of most ordinary users are basically scott, Just input directly !