That's for learning Java For my classmates ——Java Basics , In fact, it has passed a new stage , I don't ask much about the basics of the interview , But I'm not sure. Suddenly, I asked .

It's impossible to have high concurrency every time , Shut up and distribute ~

If the interviewer suddenly asks what object orientation is , be unable to explain clearly , It's a little magical .

So I'll tidy it up for you today A comprehensive and systematic Java Introductory to advanced materials , from  Java Basic to Java Comprehensive coverage of advanced knowledge points and re inclusion algorithm high-frequency interview questions
(340 page ) Help everyone understand and recite

The general content includes :Java
aggregate ,JVM, Multithreading , Concurrent programming , Design mode ,Spring Family bucket ,Java,MyBatis,ZooKeeper,Dubbo,Elasticsearch,Memcached,MongoDB,Redis,MySQL,RabbitMQ,Kafka,Linux,Netty,Tomcat
Etc. technology stack .

Most suitable for the interview in the near future , Friends who improve their skills and abilities , It is recommended that you save it first , Job hopping at the back , The salary increase must be available ​!

Basic chapter :

( contain :Java summary , grammar , object-oriented ,IO flow ,API, aggregate ,NIO,HashMap, Basic common interview questions ....)

SpringBoot piece :

( contain :SpringBoot principle ,SpringBoot Advantages of , Core notes , function SpringBoot The way ...)

Distributed chapter :

( contain : Introduction to distributed current limiting communication ,ZooKeeper Principle and Application ,ActiveMQ Core issues, etc )

Mysql piece : 

( contain :mysql Basic knowledge of database , data type , an error , try ,mysql Indexes ,mysql lock ,mysql optimization )

JVM piece :

( contain :JVM virtual machine , Memory model ,GC algorithm , performance tuning , Source code analysis , Old age and new generation ,JVM Common interview questions ...)

Micro services :

( contain : Advantages and disadvantages of microservice architecture , characteristic , run , The role of architects in microservices ...)

Necessary for big factories 《 Data structure and algorithm 》, There are 300+ Algorithm problems encountered in the interview , With resolution , Very comprehensive !

Data structure :

Algorithm :