Ordering applet is very practical for the catering industry , Customers can scan the code and order without queuing at the store , While saving customers' queuing time , It also reduces the manpower and material resources of the restaurant , Greatly improve work efficiency , So generally speaking , What are the characteristics of building a wechat applet ordering system , Let's analyze .

1, High stability

first , The order applet system must have system stability , Only in this way can the restaurant really worry free , don 't worry .

2, Detail experience

One customer has one meal , In fact, there are many intermediate links , Like ordering , Add food halfway , Return the wrong order , After buying the order, I found that I ordered an extra dish ...
All of these are very common in the dining process of customers , Wechat applet ordering is more than just paying after ordering , Like Taobao Jingdong , It's very complicated during the meal , Considering every point in the dining process , And carefully study the solution , Make these complex processes easy to use .

3, Multi person ordering

commonly 3,5 It's normal to go to dinner alone , Then the ordering system must also support this situation , Our multi person ordering function specially developed for this scenario , Customers only need to scan the QR code of the same table card , You can automatically enter an order , So as to realize the function of ordering meals together , Everyone can see what others have ordered in real time , Don't worry, everyone will be a little heavy . If there is still a little friend on the way to the restaurant , Orders can be sent directly to friends through wechat chat , Invite friends on the way to order , Communication is efficient and convenient . Traditional ordering , Limited by the number of recipes in the restaurant , Often customers need to pass the menu back and forth when ordering , Order with wechat applet , Equivalent to one menu for each person , And automatically record , Automatic real-time sharing of ordering information , It can significantly improve the ordering efficiency of a table of people .

4, Call attendant

During dinner , There are often some needs , Need help from the waiter , The traditional way is for customers to talk loudly , Sometimes I even have to go to the front desk to find the waiter , In addition, the waiter may be busy , Forget the needs of a customer , This is very bad for the customer experience , Call attendant function , During dining , Just scan the QR code on the table , You can see the button to call the waiter , After call , The message will be pushed to the waiter's cell phone immediately , Waiter, wherever you are , Can understand customers' needs in a timely manner , Provide more timely services .

5, add a dish

During dinner , There is not enough food to order , It is also a very common scene to add a dish , Food adding function provided , Is to solve the problem of this scenario , Customer scanning QR code , Enter the order page to add dishes , The order information will be transmitted to the waiter's mobile phone in real time , Provide more timely services , Give customers a better consumption experience .