one ,HTML

This is the simplest , It is also the most basic . Master div,form table,ul li
,p,span,font These labels , These are the most commonly used , especially div and table,div For layout ,table Can also be used for layout , But not flexible , basic
table Is used to deal with data .

two ,CSS

Generally we see web Front end development engineer's requirements , One can use css+html perhaps css+div
To lay out the interface , therefore css Yes for auxiliary html To lay out and present , We call it “css style ”css Master float,
position,width,height, And for max min , Can use 100% ,overflow,margin,padding wait , These are all related to the layout
Related styles , One thing to master .

three ,JavaScript

Maybe many people think JavaScript Very difficult , Various styles and effects are very complex . actually js It's easy to get started , It doesn't need a lot of things , As long as it is possible to id, perhaps name Get the page dom Or style , Or value , And then I'll give it to someone id perhaps name Element label assignment for , Or add data , chase html, This is an operation related to data , Then data logic judgment , Effectiveness , Nothing more than
It's a jump , Spring frame , Hiding something , Combining all these with others is a practical use , Code is not hard at all .

four ,jQuery

jquery Is equivalent to js One that encapsulates a set js plug-in unit , The purpose is to make the operation more convenient , Less code ,jquery It's easy to get started , That's what you need to learn and js equally , It's just that jq Code for .

of course web In addition to learning these languages, front-end engineers , I also need to learn a lot of framework knowledge , Three frameworks of current comparison process Vue,React,Angular. But in any way ,web The front end is very easy , But as an industry ,web Front end engineers have great challenges . Increasing demand for full stack development , The development potential of people who only know the front-end knowledge is bound to be limited . So as web Front end engineers also need to learn some background programming languages, etc .