Approaching graduation , Many students' projects and papers are almost ready , Only the last link is left , That's the graduation defense that determines whether you can graduate successfully . Finally, many friends asked about the defense , We also learned that people are anxious , After all, for us , Four or three years of hard work , The main purpose is for this diploma , It will lead us to society , The first key to success , Today, let's talk about some questions about graduation defense .

       In fact, if you have made adequate preparations , For example, you are familiar with your graduation project , Your graduation thesis is very clear , So the graduation defense is a natural thing , But we found that many students , Almost never , I guess I'm busy , Maybe it's also possible , Anyway? , You read this article today , Let's talk about the graduation defense with brother Bao of the compass , Hope to help you all .

The process of graduation project defense will not be too long for everyone , Trust your mentor , Generally, everyone will not exceed 20 minute , No exceptions , gross 10 Minutes or so . So normally you press 10 Minutes or so to prepare how to clearly explain your project and the questions that the tutor may ask .

      one , How to prepare ?

1, Project preparation : Brother Bao thinks that first of all, you should have a similar understanding of your project , You have to run the program twice to check the core functions ? You have to be able to explain what your system is for , Why customer service , Complete what kind of functions ? If not clear , Look at the paper , It is usually described above .

2, Thesis viewing : In fact, the general format of this paper is the background of your project development , objective , demand , Design , realization , test , The summary is written in several blocks , So you read the paper carefully , It will also enable you to have a relatively clear understanding of the whole or part of the entire software system .

3, Technical view : This may be true for most XDJM Is the most difficult , Can't understand , helplessly ….. Can understand , Of course, it's best to sort it out , If the foundation is really poor , I don't understand , I think you can check the relevant technologies used in the system first , For example, the paper may contain a description of the technology involved in your project ,Springboot frame ,SSM frame ,Shiro
Frame, etc , There may be something on the front end EasyUI,Bootstrap,Vue,Layui wait , And our new love MYSQL database , Get a general idea . Defense is not an interview , So I don't usually ask about your specific skills , But generally, I will examine the implementation of your system .

4, Core module : This is the focus of our preparation , You have to put two or three of the highlights of the project , Or something worth mentioning . For example, most of your projects may have this login function , But is it a core function ? I think it's worth discussing , Because it basically exists in every system , What are the highlights ? But you said such a common function , If the teacher asks , You can't answer , Awkward no ? So I think you can have a look , Understand the interaction process of the whole system through a login . Then, prepare core business modules and core technology applications of the system . For most systems , In fact, most of the functions are basic addition, deletion, modification and query , You can only be familiar with one module . But like the others , For example, the graphical report function in the system , Data import / export function , Is it worth saying ? I think so . Of course, it depends on the specific conditions of each system , For example, yours is based on XXX Recommended system for , Then I will mainly introduce your recommended algorithm , Implementation of business process ; For example, yours is based on XXX Big data analysis for , Then you may mainly focus on how you analyze the business modules and processes of big data .

5, defence PPT: This is a final step , All your efforts ahead , In fact, it can be summarized into this PPT upper , It is a way for you to show the project and reply , It's also the Savior who saved your life when you forgot to answer because you were not skilled . Generally speaking , A reply PPT You can't make these links , Project introduction , Technical description , Function realization , Key highlights , Project presentation , Final summary . The better prepared you are , The better the odds are , But your tutor couldn't have asked you to paste up the whole paper , So it is a sort of thinking of defense , You can put some core things on it to remind yourself .

two , How to reply

1, First of all, people are emotional animals , The tutor will give you ordinary impressions and on-site feelings , It is a complex , At this time, on the one hand, it is a test of your usual interactive relationship with your tutor , On the one hand, it tests your strength accumulated over the years . So I think the most important thing is to learn to control your emotions , The speech lift card gives a good impression to the tutor and the defense team , Never try to be brave , Just got up with the defense team teacher ---- shed tears .

 2, The defense is not to get full marks , Just pass . So if you can't answer any questions during the defense , Never have psychological pressure , Would you , If you answer all the questions , How shameful the teacher is ? ha-ha , So relax . But relaxing doesn't mean giving up , If you meet someone you can't answer , Can guide the teacher to ask questions about functions or knowledge you are familiar with . For example, the teacher asked you to use MVC Design mode , Yes, if implemented , Let's talk about his process , If you can't answer at this time , It can be said that I am using MVC At the same time, the three-tier architecture is also used , Let me introduce the three-tier architecture . I think so .

3, The main point of defense is to be stable . of course , If you're good , Actually, I don't need brother Bao to worry about it . Steady means it's best to follow what you prepared earlier PPT To introduce and explain step by step , Don't have a whim , To explain or demonstrate some knowledge points and functions that were not prepared in the early stage . In terms of small probability events , If you do , Almost always go wrong , Thus causing a thousand battles of confidence , Unfavorable to the later defense .

4, The final conclusion is very important . Maybe the previous defense was a little bad , But the final conclusion if you can sum up the reasons , Sincerely move the defense team , Make them think you are a creative talent , There is still room for redemption . really , believe me , helpful .

three , Common defense points

1, Please explain what you said in your project C/S and B/S What is the difference between architectures ?

2, Please explain the overall structure of your project design ?

3, What algorithms are used in your system , Please say something ?

4, Used in your system R edis Where is the database mainly used , Why use it ?

5, How is the security of your system ensured ?

6, What technical problems do you encounter during development , How to solve it ?

7, Please introduce XX Basic business process of the module , Explain the relevant codes .

8, Tell me about how your project achieves the separation of front end and back end development .

9, What conditions do you need to develop and run your applet ?

10, How do you realize the shopping cart function in this mall ?

11, Do you use any design patterns in this system ? Please explain .

12, How do you implement this graphical statistical report ?

13, Please introduce the tables used in your project and their business associations .

14, Could you tell me something about the one you use SSM What are the responsibilities of the three frameworks in the framework ?

15, What do you think is new about your system ? Both technology and function points are OK .

    okay , Let's start today XDJM That's all , Hope to help you , I also wish you all a successful reply , If you want to answer the above frequently asked questions , You can press one button three times to send a private message, brother Bao !