5 Annual test , Should be able to reach the level of Senior Test , That is, not only can you skillfully develop business , And be familiar with project development , test , Commissioning and release process , In addition, they should be able to fully master the skills in database and other aspects , If the skill is higher , Even familiar with advanced skills such as distributed components . Or , Be a project team leader , Tube 3,4 No. person , No problem .

I talked about this with my friends these two days , Sigh that young people are so excellent now , After all , Software testing industry is still a technical post , With the continuous change of careers and the crazy influx of graduates into the software testing industry , The ceiling of the industry is also gradually rising , Once those testers who only knew a little bit were more and more difficult to gain a foothold in the industry , Will gradually be replaced by automation test engineers and test development engineers .

My career is the same as most testers , I just graduated from an e-commerce company and outsourced functional tests , It should be more than half a year , Busy at work , Spend every day learning and learning from various business needs , After several years, I found that I was just a functional test engineer , Watching the people around me go farther and farther on the road of Technology , And I can only test the function , Anxiety also arises spontaneously , The overall feeling of this job is that I write a lot of test cases , I have become quite proficient in writing test cases by myself , Testing skills haven't improved much , The work that really needs technology has no opportunity because of insufficient technical ability , Several times I doubt whether my career planning direction is correct , So I began to reflect , How do you go in the future ?

<> Start advanced

So I began to look for ways to improve , Start researching tools ,Postman,Fiddler,Jmeter,Selenium,Appium, It can be downloaded online anyway , All over again , Discover these tools , It's very simple and practical to use , It must be easy to get started , And start writing your own code , At least don't leave behind what you learned in College , at that time python Tried to write ( For the project of the team python Written ), I tried to change the style of the front end , This is easy , browser F12, You can change it on it .

On premise BUG Just say the height of this box is wrong , Now I will say :overflow Not written , Box level z-index No, wait , All in all , I can point out your shortcomings , I can also provide modification suggestions , This is very fulfilling for me , It can also be seen from the mute attitude of development , My position was elevated all at once !

Of course I'm not in a hurry to change jobs , I began to test our project with various tools , He also made a lot of suggestions to the Department Manager , At that time, the manager didn't know much about the test , I said that I was stunned , At that time, due to the company's size and product limitations , As a result, automated testing has not been applied to the company's actual projects . I think big companies outside have more opportunities , Resolutely put forward the resignation , Focus on Ali's interview !

<> Successful interview ashore

With the recommendation of classmates , I signed up xx Organization's Software Testing Courses . Although I have experience in automated testing , However, it is still necessary to enroll in class for systematic learning , On the one hand, it is to strengthen the training , Systematically consolidate the technology stack ; on the other hand , The course content also reassured me , Maybe there will be new gains in the learning process .
In formal learning , It really exceeded my expectations , Necessary for developing test platforms or tools Web front end ,Spring Boot Back end and database design , Very practical .

What the teacher said was also very good , My learning process is also very smooth , All the knowledge taught in class can be understood and how to apply it to work , Especially from 0 reach 1 Project analysis for , Learning of design and development knowledge , Let me calmly face the development of a new testing tool , Work quickly . After a period of training , I feel more solid in technology . More than one month , From notes to open class , Various interview questions from projects to seniors , And the previous exam , It's all over , Then focus on those interview questions that appear frequently , Well prepared for this interview !!

It's hard to avoid some panic at first , Under the guidance of the leaders and technical teachers in the learning exchange group , I have found many technical problems and I have been in touch with them , Suddenly, there was an inexplicable confidence . About a week after the interview , I just 4 Took Ali's automated test post . The interview process is as exciting as a roller coaster ride , Especially three sides , What a terrible process !!! But I'm glad I'm well prepared , Enough to deal with the interviewer's critical and mean questions ! During the interview , I think the interviewer is most impressed , In addition to solid technology , And familiarity with the project . Basically , The interviewer asked me questions about the project , I can answer it , And can tell the truth .

From previous 3K Up to now 30k, I believe that , The harder you work, the luckier you will be ! henceforth , I also want to make greater progress in technology , Achieve advanced test opening , We should also develop in the direction of advanced development , Finally, of course, I have the opportunity to work for the management post . Understand code better than development , Know more about technology than testing , Such competitiveness , Will be stronger .

My path to automated testing , The plan of each stage is indispensable along the way , Because I like planning and collecting summaries , therefore , My friend and I spent some time to compile the following 《 Automated test engineer learning path 》, A lot of them 【 Network disk resources 】, The end of the text can be viewed

1,Python Programming and test development technology *

2,Web Fundamentals of automated testing

3,APP Fundamentals of automated testing

4,Postman Test tool topics

5, Interface automation test foundation

6, Test opening automation frame packaging

7, Continuous integration

8,Jmeter performance testing

9,APP performance testing

10,Fiddler Use of packet capturing tool

11,TCP/IP Agreement details

12, Computer operating system

13,Linux system operation

14,MySQL database

15,RobotFramework Automated test framework

16, Cross platform automated testing framework

The above is a technical path map of Automation Test Engineer I sorted out . I hope you can benefit a lot from this growth process . Omnidirectional lifting test technology , Establish a set of its own technical system . Help you learn and optimize the technology stack , Follow up on advanced and mainstream testing technologies , It will not only bring you the improvement of technology and salary , It's more about changing the tester IT Status and mindset in the field of Technology , Enhance the technical depth of the testing industry .

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has read my article carefully , The following automated network disk link is also a very comprehensive one that I spent a few days sorting out , Hope it can help you in need !

These materials , For doing 【 software test 】 It should be the most comprehensive and complete war preparation warehouse for advanced friends , This warehouse also accompanied me through the most difficult journey , Hope it can help you ! Everything must be done as soon as possible , Especially in the technology industry , We must improve our technical skills . Hope to help you …….