stay Linux When locating a file or directory location in the system , Use apostrophe “/” Separate ( Different from windows Apostrophe in “\”).

“/” Represents the root directory , It is linux Starting point of file system , The partition in which it is located is called the root partition .

Under the root directory ,linux The system will create some special subdirectories by default , For different purposes . The following is a brief introduction to the common subdirectories and their functions :

/boot: Store the necessary documents for starting the system , Include kernel files , Startup menu configuration file, etc . For system safety ,“/boot” Directories are usually divided into separate partitions , be called “/boot” partition .

/bin: Store the most basic user commands in the system , Ordinary users have execution permission .

/dev: Store the hard disk in the system , keyboard , mouse , Optical drive and other equipment files .

/etc: Store configuration files of the system and various programs , Programs with many configuration files will “etc” Create an independent subdirectory under directory , Used to store respective configuration files .

/home: The default working directory for all ordinary users and system users ( Also known as host directory ), E.g. user account “zhangsan” The corresponding host directory is located in “/home/zhangsan”. If the server needs to be provided to a large number of ordinary users , It is recommended that /home Directory partition independent partition , To facilitate the backup of user data .

/root: by Linux System superuser root Host directory for , By default, only root The host directory of is under the root directory , Instead of /home lower .

/sbin: Store the most basic management commands , Only general administrator users have execution permission .

/usr: Store other user applications , It is usually divided into many subdirectories , Used to store applications of different types .

/var: Store some files that need to be changed frequently in the system , Such as system log , User mailbox directory, etc .

/tmp: Store some temporary files used during system operation .

The above list is only Linux Commonly used in the system , There are other directories that users need to become familiar with during use ^_^

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