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Software test interview questions have also been circulated on the Internet , But after careful examination, we found two very important problems . first , The answers to the interview questions circulated on the Internet are not guaranteed to be 100% correct . That is to say, the interview questions that you have spent a lot of time preparing , Probably the final answer is wrong . second , Some interview questions circulated on the Internet are outdated . This creates a tragedy , Interview questions prepared by the employer , And the interview questions given by the employer , But I wasn't ready .

《 Test collection V2_0_ Finalization 》 Content screenshot

To solve these two pain points of the above interview questions , stay 《 Test collection V1_0_ Finalization 》 Based on , The dark horse software testing discipline has been sorted out and released 《 Test collection V2_0_ Finalization 》.

《 Test collection V2_0_ Finalization 》 catalogue

one .2.0 Version relative to 1.0 What is the version difference ?

if 《 Test collection V1_0_ Finalization 》 Is for 2018 Interview questions brought back by graduates in , Processed by the instructor team , Integrated Publishing , that 《 Test collection V2_0_ Finalization 》 It's for 2019 year . Compared with the first edition , More updates in version 2 , Hotter interview questions included .2.0 Version comparison 1.0 edition , Added 20 Incoming page , Nearly 100 questions were added to the interview questions . These topics are for reference 2019 The interview questions for graduation in were added in , Extremely high hit rate .

《 Test collection V2_0_ Finalization 》 Some written examination questions

Each interview question will have a detailed explanation of the answer , Written by lecturer and employment teacher , Make sure the answer is 100% correct . Dark horse graduate test student , Spent tens of thousands of tuition fees , Just before graduation , You need to refer to the interview manual to prepare for the interview , Impact on high salary .

《 Test collection V2_0_ Finalization 》 Some written questions

two ,2.0 Version relative to 1.0 How about the combat effectiveness of the version ?

2.0 Version is on 2020 year 4 Monthly update completed , The following classes adopt 2.0 Version of interview classic .2.0 How effective is the interview classic , No need to talk , Please look directly at the following figure :

The 2.0 Interview book is also a dark horse test 2021 The annual test salary rose along the way and made great contributions

3. How to get the interview classic ( important )

Now? , This is an interview book that can only be obtained by black horse students with more than 10000 tuition fees , Free to share with you

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