<>Vue Actual project development

1. Overview of e-commerce business

Business services used by customers :PC end , Applet , move web, move app

Business services used by administrators :PC Background management end .

PC Functions of background management end : manage user accounts ( Sign in , sign out , user management , Permission management ), Commodity management ( Commodity classification , Classification parameters , Product information , order ), data statistics

The e-commerce background management system adopts the development mode of front end and back end separation

Front end projects are based on Vue of SPA( Single page application ) project

Front end technology stack :Vue,Vue-Router,Element-UI,Axios,Echarts

Back end technology stack :Node.js,Express,Jwt( simulation session),Mysql,Sequelize( Framework for manipulating databases )
2. Project initialization

A. install Vue Scaffolding

B. Create project from scaffolding

C. Configure routing

D. to configure Element-UI: Install in plug-in , search vue-cli-plugin-element

E. to configure Axios: Install in dependencies , search axios( Run dependency )

F. initialization git Warehouse

G. Host local project to github Or in the code cloud
3. Code cloud related operations

A. Registration login code cloud account

B. install git
stay Windows Use on Git, Available from Git Download the installer directly from the official website for installation . Test command :git --version
C. Click on the top right corner of the website “ Sign in ”, Login code cloud , And set the account number

D. Create public key locally : Run at terminal :ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “xxx@xxx.com”

E. Public key address found :

Your identification has been saved in /c/Users/My/.ssh/id_rsa.

Your public key has been saved in /c/Users/My/.ssh/id_rsa.pub.

When we finish creating the public key , Please pay attention to the printed information “Your public key has been saved in”

/c/Users/My/.ssh/id_rsa.pub : c Under the disc Users Below My Below .ssh Below id_rsa.pub That's the public key we created

E. open id_rsa.pub file , Copy all code in file , Click in the code cloud SSH Public key , Copy the generated public key to the public key

G. Test public key : Open terminal , Enter command

ssh -T git@gitee.com

H. Hosting local code in the code cloud

Click the + number -> New warehouse

I. conduct git to configure :

4. Configure background items

A. install phpStudy And import mysql Database data

B. install nodeJS, Configure background items , Open background project from terminal vue_api_server

Then enter the command in the terminal to install the project dependency package :npm install

C. use postman test api Interface

The follow-up is under development