<> one , Development prospect and trend of big data

  1, Policy interpretation

   current , along with 5G, cloud computing , Artificial intelligence and other new generation information technologies are developing rapidly , Accelerating the integration of information technology and traditional industries , The digital economy is booming , Data center as the physical carrier of information system operation in various industries , Has become an indispensable key infrastructure for economic and social operation , Play a crucial role in the development of digital economy . Data center as an important infrastructure of big data industry , Its rapid development has greatly promoted the progress of the big data industry .

  2, Big data talent gap
   According to the statistics of data analysis Committee of China Chamber of Commerce , At present, only 46 ten thousand , future 3-5 The gap of big data talents will be as high as 150 ten thousand .

   last year , Issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Big data industry development plan , Planning to 2025 year , Breakthrough in market scale of big data industry 3 trillion ! However, the number and speed of training big data talents are far from reaching the growth rate of industrial scale , Expected 2025 year , The gap of big data core talents will be as high as 230 ten thousand people , Seriously restricting the development of the industry .

  3, Big data talent employment status

   Beishang Guangshen , Hangzhou is the main position for big data talent employment , according to the statistics , Nearly all over the country 50% Our big data talents are gathered in these five cities , And Ali , tencent , ByteDance , sound of dripping water , Meituan , millet , Baidu and other well-known Internet enterprises are the main enterprises to receive such talents .

   Big data technology is a cutting-edge technology , High professional requirements , And it is very important for enterprise development , So the salary is good , In the big data job recruitment last year , The average salary of big data development engineer is more than 10000 yuan , And most people are paid as much as 3 Over 10000 yuan !

<> two , Application fields of big data

  1, Logistics warehousing : Refined operation of major merchants of big data analysis system , Increase sales , Cost savings .
  2, retail : Analyze users' consumption habits , Provide convenience for users to purchase goods , So as to improve the sales of goods . Classic cases , Beer + diaper .
  3, Travel : Deep integration of big data capability and tourism demand , Build smart management of tourism industry , The future of smart service and smart marketing .
  4, Commodity advertising recommendation : Recommend products that users may like .
  5, Insurance : Massive data mining and risk prediction , Help the insurance industry with precision marketing , Improve refined pricing capability .
  6, finance : Multidimensional embodiment of user certificate , Help financial institutions recommend high-quality customers , Guard against fraud risks .
  7, house property : Big data comprehensively helps the real estate industry ; Create accurate investment strategy and marketing , Choose a more suitable place , Build more suitable stores and sell them to more suitable people .
  8, artificial intelligence .

<> three , Big data employment direction

<> four , How contemporary college students learn big data well

  1, Choose a programming language to focus on :Java perhaps Python

  2, Necessary database for learning ,Linux operating system

  3, Targeted reinforcement according to different directions

* Big data development direction : We must study Hadoop Platform and its components ,Hive data warehouse ,Spark Interactive computing framework, etc .
* Big data analysis direction : Continue learning Python Reptile , Data cleaning , analysis , Visualization, etc , understand Hadoop,Hive,Spark Stored queries for .
* Big data operation and maintenance direction : In depth learning Hadoop Build and performance tuning of , strengthen shell script .
* Big data test direction : Continue to learn some test theories , Understand if necessary Hadoop Knowledge of related components .
* Big data product direction : Good communication skills are required , Organizational capacity, etc .