Summary of my college life :

I am 2021 year 6 Graduated in June , Studied in Wuhan University of engineering, majoring in Civil Engineering , I spent four years of College happily , I feel that apart from preparing the textbook for the exam before each exam , The rest of the time is for fun …… Freshman serves as the organizing committee member of the class , Joined the student union , Sophomores serve as the head of a department of the student union ( Public Relations Department ) Junior and senior students serve as the Deputy monitor of the class , During this period, I had a very good relationship with my classmates , This is what I think is the biggest gain in college , A lot of friendship , I will cherish these friendship !

From freshman , I started learning to play games , From then on, I started a happy college life , King glory fun , Especially when playing with friends , And we can talk together ,“ Talk coquettishly ”, Not also happy , But it's also a waste of time , Played games for four years , I thought it over , Why is it so easy to play games “ go to the head ”, I can't stop playing , As long as you start the game, you can easily finish it in the afternoon , Before I knew it, it was dark … I think the game designers make good use of people's psychology , Set various goals in the game , These goals can meet many psychological needs of users , And none of these goals are difficult , It makes you feel that you can achieve it with hard work , Then once you reach your immediate goal, there will be another goal waiting for you , Gradually you enter the dead circle of the game , Thinking all day about how to achieve the next goal , And then to satisfy their own psychological satisfaction , go round and begin again , Four years of college is gone in the blink of an eye . therefore , In learning this great long-term project , How can we stick to it smoothly ? I want to set a small goal for myself every day , Achieving this goal will give you a sense of accomplishment , This should help me walk more steadily on my way to study , further . I think we have to keep setting goals , Achieve goals , Setting new goals … Only in this way can we keep learning , Only in this way can we learn more comfortably , This learning project can be more magnificent .

Reason for transfer :

Because of four years' indulgence in College , So there is the sadness of looking for a job , I'm a civil engineer , Could have entered China Railway , State owned and central enterprises such as CSCEC , But I can only enter the construction company at my level , It happens that because of the epidemic , I was a junior , Two of our senior internships that need to go to the construction site have been canceled , If I could see the situation there earlier , I can realize it sooner , Learn early … Then, for various reasons, I went to the post of curtain wall design in a private enterprise , After I went there, I found that it was completely different from what I had imagined before , Water leakage in dormitory , The construction site is remote , Serious overtime , The most important thing is that I saw the current situation of the old employees working here , Really, this job feels like it's over at a glance , This is not the future I want , So I quit after working for nearly three months , Determined to change careers , As for why I changed my profession Java, I started with my salary , After that, I tried to learn for some time , I feel that the program I typed is running successfully , Will give me a very satisfying sense of achievement , It's a bit like the king gets five kills , So I learned it bit by bit , Although I don't learn much now , But compared with the previous drawing , I have a higher passion for code , I believe I can succeed in changing careers by myself , Let me shout for myself first : come on. , You can do that ~ 
I hope I can thank myself for coming here in a few months or years , Hee hee .

Current learning Java Feelings of :

What I have learned so far Java web, I just finished the last point today , Quit and study now Java It's been more than two months ,JavaSE
Part of me is studying B Station hanshunping's course , Mr. Han speaks really well , Why is it so pragmatic , A careful and patient teacher , I am now a loyal little fan of Mr. Han , I love Miss Han so much , I hope Mr. Han can update the following courses , ha-ha , That's really good , It's very kind to me . forehead , Seems a little excited , Ah ha ha . get down to business , For two months Java, My current feeling is , Every little piece is easy to understand , Thought it was ok , But the more you get to the back, the more things you feel , Learn before you forget …… For beginners like me , It feels like a schoolboy doing math problems , Just started learning 1+1=2, Feel simple , But in the back , encounter (1+5*4-3)÷2
This makes it difficult , In the final analysis, I think the foundation is not strong enough , So I plan to spend at least one hour every day reviewing what I have learned , And write it down in a blog , Today is my first blog , I thought about my four years in College , Feel a little bit , I just wrote it in this blog , As a short summary of these days . Thanks for all the experience , What it brings to me is the growth and understanding of life .

Suggestions for learning :

* Be sure to type more codes , Multi tap code , Multi tap code ;
* Pay attention to the analysis of ideas before typing the code , Write notes , Develop good programming habits ;
* I feel light when I get it on paper , You must know this and do it yourself . Don't look too high and try too hard , Just because your brain understands doesn't mean your hands understand ;
* I have no other , I know you well . Master's realm needs to learn and practice well ;
* persevere in his study , Multi summary , Think more , Don't be a letter carrier ;
* Be grateful , Forget not .
Next, my plan :

Understand the past without remonstrance , He who knows the coming can be traced , Four years of college is important to me , But in the decades of my life , It's just a little bit , I will continue to study in the days to come , Strive to change the status quo with knowledge , I believe I can realize my little wishes , This is my first blog , Later, I will insist on writing a little bit of what I learned that day every day , Record your daily learning success and thoughts , Record my growth . come on. , angelina , You can drop !