Many people are right Web The job responsibilities of the front end engineer are not very clear , because Web The front end knows a little more than other positions , Design , There may be contact between the front end and the rear end . So many beginners don't know Web What should the front end do . today , Xiaobian will talk Web Main work of front-end development engineer . First, let's take a look Web What knowledge does the front end need to learn .

Web Front end training .
first ,HTML+CSS yes Web One of the necessary skills for front-end engineers , It is also the most basic . This part of knowledge can be learned online , You can also buy books . This part has learned to write web pages almost independently .

second ,JS, More modern web pages will be used .JS Provide some cool animation effects . I suggest you see 《JavaScript Language essence 》 This book , Learn a lot from it .

third ,PS,Flash, You don't need to be proficient in this , Of course, it's better to be familiar with , Because if you learn this, you can also do art and so on .

Four is H5+CSS3, This suggestion is that you should know the current general trend before deciding whether you are proficient in learning .

fifth , Familiarity with a back-end language , such as ASP,PHP,JSP, Otherwise, the back end cannot be well contacted during work .

Let's see Web Main work contents of front end . From some recruitment websites, enterprises Web It can be seen from the requirements of the front-end development engineer , The main work includes the following aspects :Web Application design and development ;Web Interface design and development ; complex Ajax Interactive development ;JavaScript data processing ; Understand developing components as objects ;HTML/CSS Code quality control ; Resolve front-end browser compatibility issues ; Familiarity with the user experience , Interactive operation process , User requirements, etc .

It was introduced by Xiao Bian Web Main work contents of front end . Friends, do you know better ? Class opening is a digital online education platform , its Web Front end courses establish tutor teaching , TA Q & A , The trinity teaching operation service system of head teachers and supervisors , All round heteronomy service ensures learning effect , If you want to learn Web Front end development , Then the class will be a good choice for you !

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