sha256 It's actually a hash function , Also called hash function , It belongs to SHA One of the algorithms . that ,sha256 Can I decrypt it , Can I use online sha256 Online decryption website solution ?

About hash algorithm

Hash algorithm , Is a method of creating small numbers from any kind of data “ fingerprint ” Method of . A hash function compresses a message or data into a digest , Reduce the amount of data , Fix the format of data . This function scrambles and mixes data , Recreate a value called hash ( Or hash value ) Fingerprint of . Hash values are usually represented by a short string of random letters and numbers .

about SHA256

For messages of any length ,SHA256 Will produce a 256bit Hash value of length , Called message digest , You can use a length of 64 Hexadecimal string representation of .

Use online sha256 Online decryption platform , Can be achieved sha256 Decrypt ?

About this question , Let's check it out .

1, Search the Internet for a SHA256 Online decryption platform, Then go to the website ;


2, Register an account at will , Then enter the SHA256 ciphertext

3, Click the blue button to decrypt , Wait a minute , You get the decryption result :123456

however , Maybe the password is too simple to solve , If it is a more complicated password , Use this site to see if it can still be decrypted ? Password is :hjurklfl,1, Ciphertext is :92f3aac54956e2a015fdc1500d5b17ca1e7b904d54fef92220469e11f9914bf8
, Then go to the website and input the ciphertext .

Decryption result display , Decryption failed , Has joined the background decryption of this site , Please wait patiently for the decryption result ! The system will automatically notify you to view the latest results !
It seems not all sha256 Ciphertext can be decrypted .

this md5 Encryption and decryption platform , In addition to support sha256 Also supports md5,sha1,md4,mysql Equal ciphertext type , Real time query record exceeds 24 Trillions , Co occupancy 160T Hard disk , The success rate is as high as 95% above .

Although it can not ensure that every sha256 Ciphertext can be decrypted , But given the high success rate , Interested friends can go to the website to find out .