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1 year ,50% Increase , Among my subordinates who left , Already belong to colleagues with low growth . In view of being far away from front-line posts , And the career direction has changed , What's released now is 2015~2020 Years , As an e-commerce Department leader Strategies to help employees grow and raise their salaries . From my career development Android engineer -> Head of large front end -> technology leader-> department leader-> venture partners , Although the industry environment is different from the past , But it still has certain reference value . Everyone's technical route will be different , The growth route will also be different , But making more money won't be a bad thing , Right ?


one . personal ability

1. mentality

stay 《 Code Complete 》 in , Basically a complete list of the personal character that a programmer should have , At least : modest , Thirst for knowledge , honest , exchanges and cooperation , Creativity and discipline, etc . Combined with the unique “ Code farmer ” Culture , Putting your mind right is actually very important for personal growth .

a. Be an engineer -- Don't treat yourself like DS, When “ Code farmer ”, We should regard ourselves as the provider of solutions to practical problems by using the technical knowledge of computer software and hardware .

b. Have a sense of ownership -- Treat your code as part of yourself , Whether it's left over from the past “ Shishan ” Level code , Or one-off code with a short life cycle .

c. Be proactive and calm
-- Facing difficulties and challenges , Whether it's people or things , It's a technical argument between colleagues , Or the detailed analysis with the product operation colleagues , Something unexpected happened bug, Be proactive , Keep an ordinary mind . Because as a type of intellectual labor , Any emotional expression and catharsis , Can not improve the speed of solution , On the contrary, it is easy to deviate from the right path of solving the problem .

2. positive feedback

Mental model this is a book I learned from management 《 The Fifth Discipline 》 Vocabulary learned , And I often use it when building a team “ Learning organization ” Ask colleagues . So when recruiting, I will pay great attention to a programmer ( Or product manager and Operation Manager ) Do you have the ability of self-study and introspection , Ensure the positive nature of the team from the root .


A team that gets worse and worse , It is usually the result of negative feedback : No learning -> Poor ability -> Slow and poor work completion -> More overtime -> Many problems -> No learning -> Worse ability . And a positive feedback learning team : study -> better -> The work is finished well and quickly -> Less overtime -> Less problems -> Continue learning -> Stronger ability

So is a team , The same is true for an individual .

3. Technical capability

This article will not talk about how to advance java, Specific technical knowledge such as how to adjust and optimize the database . Only a little extension of the width and depth of the technology , See how to study more efficiently to achieve twice the result with half the effort .

a. Primary stage - Depth is far more important than breadth

Even if you learn java\python\C\lua\php\go And all languages hello
world, It's not as profitable as an advanced language . It's like climbing a mountain , When you can climb a language 500m Mountain peak , Look at other languages 500m Mountain peak , There will be a feeling of looking at the small mountains . And computer language is only part of the job , Hardware and software knowledge , Computer network knowledge , Computer security knowledge , Data structure and algorithm, etc , It is also a large part of the programmer's technical ability . The more in-depth study of a course , Improve your self-study ability , It will make you work twice as hard by analogy .

b. Intermediate stage - Technology selection is more important than technology depth

When you have the ability of self-study , What you learn and what you use becomes more important . In an increasingly impetuous moment , The rise and fall of computer language , Alternation and change of Library Resources , Anxiety about open source and closed source of software vendors , It will deeply affect your work progress . Quit learning “ new technique ” The pleasure of , Can help you or your development team , Walk more solidly on the right path . Face up to your team and your development strength , Do not blindly follow the technological changes of some large factories , Mice that do not blindly act as technical projects , It is also a necessary prerequisite for ensuring work output .

c. Advanced stage - Industry sensitivity is more important than current wages

In fact, these friends are not within the scope of this discussion , Because most engineers who can do this part , Or it's a gift from high light to big light ; Or the top of the industry , It's delicious and delicious in a big company ; Or it's seasoned , I've eaten everything . These friends are not short of money , Many are quite rich , There are a lot of cars and houses .

Just under the epidemic , Except that various industries are squeezing out water , In addition to cutting high salaries , The internal volume in the industry is also becoming more and more serious . Software service , Service platform , This process is accelerating , And the biggest impact is these senior workers . And this is an inevitable process , Look at the monopoly of giants in the hardware industry , You can know some software segments without huge moat protection , Under the constant updating and iteration of the industry , newborn , grow , boom , Die out . So get together as soon as possible , Early shareholding , Partner or work alone as soon as possible , It's a good way out for experts .

two , Do more without losing

This is not after being a leader PUA Or fooling subordinates , But the most direct way of promotion and salary increase . Doing more is not fooling around , Not everything , We should also divide the situation , Split field combination .

1. The same work needs to be done more

1 Annual rise 50% A situation in which , You can do it alone 2~3 Personal work , And do well . If you are Android engineer , You can do more Android Things ; If you are an algorithm engineer , You can do more algorithm related work . On the premise of completing their work well , The work of the whole group is like other books on the Wulin secret script shelf , There is no harm in reading more books . The faster you can understand the work content of the whole group , The faster you can improve your technology and business width , Feed back the defects caused by specific division of labor and repeated work .

2. Ask for similar work

What is similar work ? The front-end group is of the same type ; The work in the back-end group is of the same type ; The data and algorithm groups are of the same type ; The operation and maintenance group is of the same type . Even the front-end language is different , Even if the platform architecture of the algorithm is different , But as long as it's in the same group , The span of work will not vary too much . On the premise of completing the current work , Learn from colleagues in the same group , Even if it's just eaten through 30~50%, It can only be temporarily on top in an emergency , But over time, you can get through most of your work .1 Annual rise 50% Or even more , Is that you can do the work of the whole group alone , You got a promotion , Or job hopping leader Yes .

3. Do cross category work carefully

Cross category work , For programmers, it is usually related to product design and market operation . If you haven't been Leader, It is suggested not to do it for the time being ; If you do Leader, I suggest you take the initiative to do it . When “ Big headed soldier ” When , Share for your boss ; When “ Team leader ” When , Or share for your boss . After all, if not Leader Just go around and help , People will only say you “ Working unsaturated ”; When Leader And always only care about one-third of an acre , People will say you “ Will not manage ”.

besides , If your technical route is to do technology forever , There is no need to do cross category work , Increase trouble ; But if you want to get better in the workplace , No, just do more , And do well , For subsequent departments Leader, Or start a business and accumulate enough ability and experience .

three , Find a good job

Man is the product of the environment , Most people's growth in the workplace is very dependent on the opportunities provided by the working environment . If you have passed the age of promoting your education , Then it is very necessary to find a good job . The content of a job is important , The company platform is also important ; Important leadership , Colleagues are also important .

1. Definition of good work

For programmers , We can learn from the following companies: , pay , Business scale , Technical level and other aspects of several dimensions to measure the suitability of a job . Since it's about salary increase , We have to pay now , It also depends on the future “ Qian Tu ”. One copy 15k However, large companies with great divine leadership have good business and stable work at a high level of technology , It's more than one 20k No one brings a single person project, new business, work without technical precipitation , More valuable and “ Qian Tu ” of . The salary of most programmers in first tier cities in China is 35k Will be followed by shares or options , So before that , An environment that can improve the technical level , Far more than now 5~10k Come important . The level is up , Job hopping is likely to double .

In addition, for programmers , Positions in charge of pure technology related work in the company , For example, Microsoft Research ,google, Positions in Alibaba Research Institute and other subsidiaries , Among them, there are more and greater opportunities to contact cutting-edge technologies . If you want to cultivate internal skill , Or the work is more academic , these “ formerly , the hanlin academy ” You can have a look .

2. Timing of job hopping

First of all, ignore the so-called "gold, silver and four" statements , More demand means more competition , For good programmers, any time is a good time to change jobs . So I recommend job hopping opportunities to all my friends or colleagues who want to change jobs , They are all relatively unified :

a. Rely on personal ability to support the work of the current project team of the current company independently

b. And continue to operate normally and well 3 More than months

c. There is nothing available in the current company ( Whether it's salary , option , shares , Or technical level , Or contacts )

Reach this 3 spot , namely “ Ability is no problem , There is no hope for the future ” Bottleneck stage . Jump out of the bottleneck , Jump into higher dimensional competition , It's like upgrading , Full of experience , Click the upgrade button . After all, the growth scale of not all companies or departments can match the growth of individuals . The role of the talent market is to regulate the supply and demand of talents . Super match , For the company, it can only be reduced .

3. Find a good example

This is a very useful method for promotion and salary increase . Find what you can find , Recognized , A friend you can get , colleague , leader , Understand their growth path , Then make corrections according to your growth path . This method is similar to iterative upgrading commonly used in Internet and software development , You see the milestones of the great gods , Compare your milestones , Adjust the path to them . There must be a deviation in the middle , There will even be industry changes , But this is one of the good ways for you to know the development of the industry , You can learn from TA See your future in your body .

If you really can't find it , You can also join our community , We will also answer your questions .

The news of layoffs has often come out recently , It seems impossible to get a promotion and a raise . But in fact, any company , Any boss , They all lack employees who are capable and practical . Most of them work in big cities “ young people ”, Many are no longer young . Although very voluminous , But the profession of programmer is usually not too bad . Every programmer is a potential stock , After all, there are few industries that can support a large amount of business with just a few people . Good programmers deserve better returns .

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