Function overview

  Technology stack

1). User layer

In this project, the front-end page of the system management background is being built , We'll use H5,Vue.js,ElementUI Other technology . When building mobile applications , We will use wechat applet .

2). Gateway layer

Nginx Is a server , Mainly used as Http The server , Deploy static resources , High access performance . stay Nginx There are two more important roles in : Reverse proxy and load balancing ,
During project deployment , To achieve Tomcat Load balancing , You can pass Nginx To achieve .

3). application layer

SpringBoot: Fast build Spring project , use " Agreement is better than configuration " Thought of , simplify Spring Configuration development of the project .

Spring: Unified management of various resources in the project (bean), stay web It will be used in all layers of development .

SpringMVC:SpringMVC yes spring A module of the framework ,springmvc and spring No need to consolidate through the middle tier , Seamless integration .

SpringSession: It mainly solves the problems in the cluster environment Session Sharing problem .

lombok: It can be simplified in the form of simple annotations java code , Improve the development efficiency of developers . For example, it is often necessary to write in development javabean, It takes time to add the corresponding getter/setter, Maybe I have to write a constructor ,equals Other methods .

Swagger: It can automatically help developers generate interface documents , And test the interface .

4). Data layer

MySQL: Relational database , The core business data of the project will be adopted MySQL Store .

MybatisPlus: The persistence layer of this project will use MybatisPlus To simplify development , Basic single table addition, deletion, modification and query can directly call the methods provided by the framework .

Redis: be based on key-value Memory database stored in format , Fast access , It is often used for caching ( Reduce database access pressure , Provide access efficiency ), It will be used in later performance optimization .

core business

1). Foreground function of mobile terminal


Mobile number login , Wechat login , Recipient address management , User history order query , Dish specification query , Shopping cart function , place an order , Classification and menu browsing .

2). System management background function

Employee login / sign out , Employee information management , Classified management , Dish management , Package management , Dish taste management , Order management .

2.5 role
In the Ruiji takeout project , There are three types of users , These three users correspond to three roles : Background system administrator , Ordinary employees of background system ,C end ( Mobile terminal ) user .