upgrade WIN11 Necessary optimization after , Solve the Caton problem

 WINDOWS 11 It has been on the market for some time now , Many of you must have updated it . The new system is indeed more concise and efficient , But some places have also brought some disputes .

today , Let's talk to you : Novice Win 11 Some necessary optimizations need to be done , Help you use win11 Easier .

Part 1

Change to left in the taskbar

Win 11 There is a very big feature in page layout , Put the menu bar in the middle , As a result, many little friends are not used to it . I also feel very uncomfortable , So it's better to change to the previous left .

The specific operation is as follows :

double-click 【 set up 】 find 【 individualization 】 click 【 taskbar 】 option , Then change the center to the left , In this way, we will return to the left we used to be .

It can also be set in the same position 【 Auto hide taskbar 】, Lower 【 Select the far corner of the taskbar to display the desktop 】 After this function is enabled, click the right side of the taskbar to hide all windows .

Part 2

Adjust appearance and performance

First step : Search and open in the search panel 【 control panel 】 Then click 【 system 】.

Step two : find 【 Advanced system settings 】 Then click 【 senior 】 column , find 【 attribute 】 Column 【 set up 】.

Step 3 : open 【 visual effect 】 choice 【 Give Way windows Choose the best settings for your computer 】 Then click OK .

Part 3

Uninstall unnecessary apps

Win11 It comes with many applications , Although it can be hidden , But space is still wasted , You can uninstall this app directly .

open 【 set up 】 Then click 【 application 】 Then click 【 Application and function 】, Here you are “ translate ” The role of several applications that you may not know , We uninstall on demand .

Part 4

Turn off animation effects

Win11 A large number of system interfaces and animations have been updated , This leads to the use of more system resources . If you find that playing games or using Caton , You can turn off all these animations , The operation is as follows :

Press 【Win+i 】 open 【 set up 】 click 【 Auxiliary function 】 choice 【 visual effect 】, Turn off both transparency and animation effects .

After setting up these, your computer will be upgraded Win 11 The post Caton phenomenon will be reduced , And it will be easier to use

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