introduce uni-app frame :

uni-app Is a use Vue.js
Develop a framework for all front-end applications , Developers write a set of code , Can be published to iOS,Android,Web( Responsive ), And various small programs ( WeChat / Alipay / Baidu / Headlines /QQ/ Nail nail / TaoBao ).

Some platforms cannot submit simple demo, Therefore, some other functions are added ;hello uni-app Sample code is available from github Get fast app only supports vivo
,oppo, Huawei 360 Applet only windows Platform support , Need in 360 Open in browser

uni-app: Operating principle :
Separation of logical layer and view layer , wrong H5 End communication is damaged
uni-app In Africa H5 End run time , In terms of architecture, it is divided into two parts: logic layer and view layer . The logic layer is responsible for storing data and executing business logic , The view layer is responsible for page rendering .

Page loading , Networking and logical operations are at the logical layer (Android yes v8,iOS yes jscore), The data is then passed to the view layer rendering . This kind of communication is lossy . same , When operating in the view layer , For example, drag a page , Events should be delivered to the logical layer in real time , There is also loss .

uni-app Advantages of

Cross platform release , Better operation experience

* Components associated with applets ,API agreement ;
* compatible weex Native rendering , Increased development efficiency , But because weex There are many pits , Local rendering optimization is still recommended ;
General front end technology stack , Lower learning costs
support vue grammar , Wechat applet API

* Embedded mpvue
* Development ecology , Richer components
Support through npm Install third party packages

* Support wechat applet custom components and JS SDK
* compatible mpvue Components and items ( Embedded mpvue Open source framework )
* App End support and native hybrid coding
* Rich plug-ins ,DCloud Publish plug-ins to market
Functional framework browse diagram