Personal blog system

Actual combat of the first project


2012-11-19 Monday

Part I case description

Case purpose

Strengthen pair MVC Understanding of , Strengthen pair jsp ,servlet Skilled use of Technology . study Fckeditor Use of .

Case difficulty


Skill points covered by cases

1. use MVC Model

2. Use of common database operation objects

3.Fckeditor Use of

4. File upload and download

Recommended case completion time

10 class hour

Applicable courses and objects

Java Web programming

Part II Requirements and development environment

Using technology and development environment

JAVA,jsp,servlet,MyEclipse6.0 Or above ,JDK5.0 Or above ,oracle database

Case requirements

Personal blog system adopts jsp,servlet Technology development and design , coordination sqlserver Background management and of database tomcat Server support , Make the foreground interface of blog system more beautiful , More flexible background applications . In creating this personal blog system, bloggers can fully express their thoughts , Show personal talents by publishing logs , Express personal feelings ; Netizens can express their personal opinions according to the theme , Express your thoughts , Exchange ideas with bloggers ; At the same time, each blogger can have his own personal filing cabinet to store documents , See Appendix I for detailed function introduction .