<> preface

Due to a large number of in-depth learning exercises recently , find c Disk space becomes very tight , It's almost full , computer C Disk generally refers to the main partition of computer hard disk , It is mostly used for storing or installing the system ,c Disk space is seriously insufficient , Affect the running speed of the computer . This article mainly explains my understanding of c Expansion mode of disk

I use the system disk management tool, which is the function of the system , The operation is relatively simple , However, there are few operation options . Third party disk management tools are also used , But there are many relative options ,C Disk expansion operation is more flexible and convenient .

Attention before operation :

<> Backup important data ! Backup important data ! Backup important data !

<> one , Right click the computer on the desktop ( This computer ) icon , Then select “ Administration ”

<> two , In the computer management window , Click to open the in storage “ Disk management ”

<> three , If you want to add C Disk space , Directly in C Right click the disc , You can see that the extended volume in the menu is gray and unavailable , Which means now C Disk cannot be extended

four , Because the expansion space can only be expanded from adjacent partitions , You cannot separate one disk for expansion , And the extended partition must be the same as the adjacent partition 【 Partition type 】 Must be the same , among C Main partition , And adjacent D Disk is a logical partition , therefore C Disk cannot expand space . however , We can delete the logical partition , So as to achieve expansion C Effect of disc , Right click D disc , Select Delete volume ( Deleting a volume will affect D Formatting the contents of the disc , So we need to D Backup or empty the contents of the disk )

<> five , then , In the pop-up menu , OK, click delete

six , At this time , We have D All logical disks have been deleted , However, if it is still displayed as free space and cannot be expanded C disc , To continue, right-click on the available space , delete a partition , Extended partition after deletion , Will become unallocated space

<> seven , Now? , Right click C disc , The extended volume is ready for use , Ready to start expanding C Disk space , Right click the expansion volume

<> eight , then , We follow the prompts , Using the expand volume Wizard C Disk to increase space , Click next

<> nine , Select Settings C Disk expanded capacity , Click next , Continue and click finish

<> ten , last ,c The disk space is increased without damage