summary :

When you want to directly retrieve only qualified records in the database language , When there is no need to process it through the program ,SQL Statement paging technology was born , adopt SQL Statement paging can be realized only by changing the query statement , Namely in SQL Add after statement limit Paging statement .
put in plain language MySql Pagination is supported through limit Sub statement .

limit The usage of the statement is as follows :

LIMIT [office,] rows( among office Refers to the offset relative to the first row ( First behavior 0),rows Refers to the number of records returned )

General usage :

The student form is used , Persistence Student class , Try using annotation .

student surface :



test result : 

It did return 5 Data bar

  three . Use paging parameters RowBound

Mybatis The framework not only supports paging , It also has a built-in class that specializes in paging ——rowBounds.

modify :

@Select("SELECT * from student") List<Student> getStudentByPage2(RowBounds


 RowBounds It's a package offset and limit Simple class of , Just these two steps can easily achieve the paging effect .

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