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I think so. I think most of the roast people have roast on the Internet

If you don't know what happened in this session , And want to know what happened to arouse the group's anger

You can go to the Blue Bridge Cup , Found on 2022 year 4 month 9 A few days before the th , Or search “ carpooling ”

You can see how many people can be embarrassed to cheat

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Seriously, let's talk about my summary

I don't think it's done very well , Vaguely

oh dear I still don't want to explain the problem Tell me some knowledge I think you may have ( Because that's what I did )

Prefix and ( A naked question ), But in fact, the last question is to query the sum of intervals, which can also be understood as the prefix and sum in the forest ( I hope it's right )

I think the tree climber may be an expectation dp,dp It's a weakness , No direct practice g Yes , It seems that he gave a special judgment and tried to cheat some points

There is a dichotomy , I think the idea is also very simple , But when you finish debugging , feel dev There is a problem with this version of

It's him lower_bound and upper_bound I always have unexpected results ( Or I forgot how to use this thing )

Then I handwritten two points, it felt easy to make mistakes , Just put it first , First, later , I came back and found there was no time , I didn't hand in this question

There is also a simulation problem , It's a circle , Feel save the order , It should be ok if you run it again

The last piece I ran , When searching for connected blocks, you can finish the prefix and , The edge is bidirectional, one positive and one negative , Because there is no contradictory solution , So no matter which way you go , The absolute value of the distance between two points is equal

You can find the representative yuan when looking for the Unicom block , Deal with this

( I don't know, right , Anyway, I wrote this in a daze at that time , The samples were handed in directly )

What? You asked me why I didn't fill in the blanks ?

How cheap it is to fill in the blanks , I got an answer and handed it in directly / open the mouth and show the teeth

Anyway, I have time to fight all the violence , But I don't know whether violence is right or not

I didn't seem to wake up , Random answer / awkward

<> after

Anyway , This year's Blue Bridge Cup is over , I won't fight again , I feel like I've been cut into leeks

“ It's hard for me to say , On the one hand, the topic is really difficult , On the other hand, I don't want to face the fact that I am more backward than before …”

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