3. Web development tools

Common development tools


For real experts, it doesn't matter what tools they use , For example, I want a haircut , You just need to know the idea of haircut , I can have my hair cut if you give me any tool , So as long as we learn one of the tools, you will learn the rest without a teacher

Here I introduce a software to you HBuilder X


HBuilder X Use of

1. new file


2. Select path


3. Creation complete


Let's try to write a web page


* function
You can use the built-in browser, and you can also run it on the browser you installed



Hbuilder X New code of skeleton label generated by tool

* <!DOCTYPE> label
* Charest character set
3.1 Document type declaration label

<!DOCTYPE> Document type declaration , The function is to tell the browser which one to use HTML Version to display web pages

<!DOCTYPE html1>

This sentence means : The current page is HTML5 Version to display web pages .

be careful :

* <!DOCTYPE> The declaration is at the top of the document , be in <html> Before label
* <!DOCTYPE> Not one HTML label , This is the document type declaration label
3.2 character set

character set (Character set) Is a collection of multiple characters , So that the computer can recognize and store all kinds of words

stay <head> Inside label , Can pass <meta> Tagged charest Attribute to specify HTML Which character should the document be compiled with

charset Common values are :GB2312,BIG5,GBK and UTF-8, among UTF-8 Also known as the universal code , Basically includes all 1


be careful : The above code is the code that must be written , Otherwise, it may cause garbled code . Normally , Unified use :“UTF-8” code , Try to write it in a standard way “UTF-8”, Don't write “utf8” or “UTF8” If it is not written, garbled code will appear