stay ANSI C Standard ,C Common language 32 Keywords , contain 9 Control statement , Case sensitive ;C99 On its basis , newly added 5 Keywords ;C11 Add again 7 Keywords , in total 44 individual .

value type 7short, int, long,
double, float,
unsigned, signed,
Other types 1char
Type determination 2typedef, sizeof
Declaration structure 3struct, enum, union,
Feature modification 2const, volatile
Memory assignment 4auto, register, static, extern
Conditional statement 5if, else, switch, case, default
Circular statement 5for, do, while, continue, break
Function correlation 2void,return
Unconditional jump 1goto
Partial description :

* volatile: Used to prevent compiler optimization
C99 newly added 5 individual
inline Used to specify inline functions , Replaceable macro
restrict Used to protect objects referenced by pointers
-Bool Boolean data type
_Complex Complex data type , use I Imaginary number representation
_Imaginary Imaginary number type
C11 newly added 7 individual
_Alignas Align according to the specified data type
_Alignof Returns the number of bytes of data type memory alignment
_Atomic When the modified variable works , Prohibit calls from other threads
_Static_assert Static assertions
_Noreturn After the call is completed , Do not go back to the main function
_Thread_local Declare thread memory

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