If I hadn't been abandoned by my girlfriend , I guess I'm not awake yet . College Students ,19 In, he entered a software company in Hunan through school recruitment , Dry close 5 Year CRUD, in the beginning of this year , I feel like I can't go on like this , Staying in a comfortable environment for a long time will make a person degenerate ! And I have worked in an enterprise for five years CRUD, Has made me less enterprising , Yes 2 My girlfriend broke up with me because of my mentality and salary . therefore , I decided to change the status quo , Look at this year's gold, silver and four !

At the beginning of preparation , You've lost yourself , Five years CRUD Let my technology not a trace of progress , Only my age has been promoted ...

no way out , I found my brother in Tencent , As his little old watch , After he learned about me ( Almost Java Foundation start ), Just throw me a network disk , Speaking of :“ Go ahead , Here's everything you need , Don't come to me , I'm ashamed !”.

It's a whole set of insides Java Necessary documents for interview PDF, After reading it, I knelt down directly to my brother .. Now the interview is stable

From interview resume template to large factory summary , From the internal technical data of large factories to the required reading list of high salary on the Internet , as well as Java Core knowledge points of interview (283 page ) and Java Collection of interview questions 2022 Latest edition in (485 page ) wait , These interview materials are sorted out for everyone , I hope you don't step on the pit you've stepped on in the interview , The technical bottleneck encountered will be eliminated at one time .

The following is a screenshot of the content , Need to learn , There is a free download at the end of the article !

one ,JVM piece (2022)

( contain :JVM Class loading mechanism ,JVM Memory model , Garbage collection mechanism , Implementation mechanism of class bytecode ,JVM Tuning case ,GC Detailed explanation of log, etc )

two ,Java Concurrent programming (2022)

( contain :java Memory model , Concurrent set , Thread pool , Queue blocking ,CAS Atomic operation , Lockless concurrency framework Disruptor etc. )

three ,Spring piece (2022)

( contain :spring IOC,spring AOP principle ,spring 5,springMVC, transaction management , Cyclic dependence ,spring Design mode, etc )

four ,Mysql piece (2022)

( contain :SQL Execution principle , Indexing underlying mechanism ,SQL Execution plan analysis ,Mysql Lock mechanism ,Mysql Transaction isolation ,SQL Optimization practice, etc )

five ,SpringCloud piece (2022)

( contain : Service discovery and registration Eureka And Nacos, Service current limiting fuse degradation Hystrix And Sentinel, Distributed transaction Seata, gateway Gateway etc. )

six ,Dubbo piece (2022)

( contain :Dubbo Basics , architecture design , colony , to configure , communication protocol ,SPI etc. )

seven ,Redis piece (2022)

( contain :Redis Core data structure ,Redis Persistence mechanism and security mechanism , Sentinel and cluster architecture ,Redis Cache penetration , Cache invalidation , Cache avalanche ,Redis Cache design and performance optimization )

eight , Distributed article (2022)

( contain : Distributed architecture principle , Cluster architecture principle , Distributed lock , Distributed transaction , Distributed protocol , Distributed configuration , Massive data sub database and sub table , Distributed scheduling , etc. )

nine , Design pattern (2022)

( contain : Singleton mode , Factory mode , Abstract factory pattern , Builder pattern , Prototype mode , Adapter mode , Decorator mode , Agent mode, etc 23 Design patterns )

ten , Data structure and algorithm (2022)

( contain : Red black tree ,B+ tree , Greedy Algorithm , Hash divide and conquer , Seven search algorithms , dynamic programming , Consistency algorithm, etc )

eleven ,MQ piece (2022)

( contain : Message loss , Message repeated consumption , Message out of order , Message backlog , Delay queue , Message backtracking consumption , Message disk brushing mechanism ,MQ Middleware cluster architecture principle, etc )

twelve ,Netty piece (2022)

( contain :BIO,NIO and AIO Thread model ,Netty Thread model , Serialization protocol protobuf, Sticking and unpacking ,Netty heartbeat mechanism , Direct memory and Netty Zero-copy ,WebSocket Agreement, etc )

thirteen ,Zookeeper piece (2022)

( contain :ZooKeeper Election mechanism ,ZooKeeper data model ,ZooKeeper Application scenarios, etc )

fourteen ,ElasticSearch piece (2022)

( contain :ElasticSearch data model ,ElasticSearch Distributed architecture ,ElasticSearch Data reading and writing principle and segment merging, etc )

fifteen , Network and operating system (2022)

( contain : Network protocol ,TCP/IP System structure ,TCP/IP protocol family , Common interview questions , etc. )

Due to limited space , Only part of the content is shown here , All the information can be obtained for free by clicking on the business card below .

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